Do you think Johnny Depp should face jail time for not following protocol when bringing his dogs to Australia?

Asked by: melodie_621
  • I don't agree with this law, but Johnny Depp broke it and should still be held accountable.

    Some laws are absolutely ridiculous; however, the law is the law and people still need to obey the law. There is something we can do to further prevent cases like this. If the people of Australia vote for smart policies and protest against this law then maybe stuff like this won't happen anymore. It's really important to know and be familiar with the law in your area; you might not even know you're breaking a law.

  • If Australian Courts See Fit!

    If Australian law is clear and would prosecute and give jailtime to any normal citizen for breaking laws concerning bringing dogs into their country then Johnny Depp should face the consequence. However, he should not be made an example of or given an easy time or lesser punishment because of him being in the public eye. He should be treated like any other citizen who breaks the law, and if that means jailtime, so be it...

  • He broke the law

    We have laws for a reason. If he was going to bring pets, he should have looked up the protocol to bring such pets. By being ignorant, he violated Australian law. He may not deserve long jail time, but a few days and a hefty fine is what he deserves.

  • If he Knew!

    If he knew that the case was not to be allowed to bring his dogs to this country and then didn't bother taking that into consideration then he should face the penalty like any other person will. Just because he has money flying around does not mean he can break the law. Although it should be time in jail relative to the law because it is a bang up law and it shouldn't be there but it is still the LAW and we can't hide that!

  • If he weren't famous, we wouldn't be having this talk...

    Firstly, if you don't think Australia's biosecurity laws are proportionate, you should consider the fact that Australia doesn't have rabies and other diseases common to many other regions in the world. The law is designed to protect our pets, our people, and what is left of our native animals. Any dog that might have rabies from another country could potentially harm and/or kill countless animals. Barnaby Joyce's threat of executing them may have been genuine, but you can't deny that it shocked Depp into taking the dogs out of the country (which was the best possible outcome). Assuming Joyce would have put the dogs down, well, if you're a meat eater, just don't. If you're a vegan, animals have been put down for worse reasons, like for meat, or for being mistaken to be hostile towards another animal or human because someone thought the dog was attacking them and therefore being put down (A woman just recently won a high court case because there was a conflict in interest in the decision making).

    Back to Depp and his dogs.

    To those of you who think that a fine would be acceptable, please consider this. Depp's net worth is $400million. The MAXIMUM fine for such offence is $340,000. This is only 0.085% of his net worth.
    Hypothetically, if you were worth $500,000, this would be a typical $420 fine. Jail would be a much more effective deterent, even if it were only 60 days or something punitive (remember, 10 years is the MAXIMUM, this argument isn't about extremes per se, it's about whether jail is an appropriate measure).

    A fine is the equivalent of a traffic infringement to Depp, for something that can have much further reaching consequences as a danger, and we don't want to send the message as a society, or to the elite, that this breach was tantamount to a traffic infringement; it was a bona fide security threat, and it was fraudulent. He had a chance to declare the dogs and he lied. This whole thing wouldn't be an issue, if Depp had been diligent and done the right thing.

    Such flouting of the law, especially by wealthy, influential people, are inherently a role model for people, and better examples need to be set for them.
    Otherwise, we perpetuate 2 derelict notions that:
    1) If you're a celebrity, you can get away with it by throwing some spare change at the situation
    2) That us regular people will invariably incur the full wrath of the law because we are not one of those celebrities.

  • The law is the law

    Never heard of this law before, and it sounds silly but since it's real then Depp should face some jail time for breaking it. A regular citizen wouldn't be able to get out of this and neither should Depp. I've seen his movies and I think he's a great actor but that's not relevant here.

    My opinion on Australia's dumbass laws is another story, but that's not the topic here.

  • If He's A Celebrity Doesn't Mean He's Special

    Laws are laws. Laws aren't bended by celebrities. Laws are sturdy and strong. In laws, there is no difference between a normal man and a celebrity. If you broke this law, no one would make a debate. It would be obvious you will be in jail. Yes, it is a silly law, but laws are laws. And as I said: No-one. Breaks. Laws.

  • He broke the law

    When he came to Australia he should have looked up the protocol about bringing dogs with him. This goes to what branden said, and I agree with him. Just because he is from another country or a celebrity doesn't mean he should get past the law. If he goes to Australia he has to follow the laws like a regular Australian would.

  • I guess so

    It's a sh!Tty law but it's still a law. Ignorance of the law does not make one exempt from it, and just because one disagrees with it also does not make them exempt from following it. If you dislike the law then don't go to that place. I agree. That it's a stupid rule but he still needs to follow it so yes,

  • He didn't know it was against the law.

    If someone doesn't know the laws in a diff country there should be no penalty. This is stupid. He clearly didn't do anything wrong. Who ever says Johnny Depp should go to jail is just a hater. I hope one day everyone will STOP HATING!!! Clearly Johnny Depp should not face time in jail, JUST FOR BRINGING HIS VULNERABLE LITTLE PUPPIES!!!

  • No jail time

    He shouldn't receive such a bad punishment. Maybe some fine. Jail time is suppose to be a punishment for people who broke the law, harmming and destroying others well-being (even animals) But not by bringing someone's dog. That is just ridiculous. Criminals are out there receiving fines. That's not ok.

  • Private jet allowed this type of event to fall through the cracks.

    I think Australia needs to reform their laws a bit and ban private flights in/out of the country. That way no one is able to accidentally bring things in or out without them knowing. It is their way after all. If its causing a problem just ban it. You can't enforce it very well if it's not posted.

  • Jail time no, some sort of punishment, yes.

    While I do think that he should face some sort of repercussion from breaking the animal smuggling laws of Australia, I believe jail time is too harsh a punishment. A 10 year sentence seems a bit much for this type of offense. I feel like a hefty fine would be appropriate.

  • No, 10 years is too much

    I don't think he should, nor anyone else should face jail time for something that stupid. He brought his dogs to Australia, not drugs. A fine would be in order, but not jail time. It's just dogs.

    A person shouldn't go to jail for an act of small carelessness like that. Certainly not for ten years anyway.

  • Why Should He?

    He should be allowed to bring his dog with him wherever he wants. It was however still against protocol so he should face some kind of punishment for disobeying orders. Australia is a pretty messed up place though for saying that they would kill the poor dog if it was not removed.

  • No 10 years is way to much.

    I dont believe that they need to take it as far as him going to prison for 10 years thats being way over exaggerating in my opinion and on top of that a 340,000 dollar ticket like why. Australia is like the most deadliest place ever anything thats not you wants to kill you there, i mean whats a couple of terriers.

    My real opinion is Johnny Depp has been like one of the most known actors out there following George Clooney and Steve Mcqueen he has all the kids that love him from the Pirates of the Carribean Series and all the adults love him including me for every other movies he has been in, i mean just think he gets sent to prison his fans will be all over facebook twitter and all the social media going after whoever to blame Australia and the US its gonna be a big drama fest.

    I do agree with them to putting him away for 10 years is beyond to long it makes no sense cause he wanted his dogs wih him on his vacation. Im not saying it should go unpunished a fine would be just fine but they act like he murdered someone and his pilot doesnt deserve to do time maybe his pilot didn't know his dogs were on the plane or maybe he didn't know they could go to Australia even if his pilot is paid to listen to Depps commands to. So i believe Johnny doesnt deserve time in prison but a hefty fine will be fine it will get the point across just fine.

  • He his wanted to bring his dogs with him!

    He may have thought that he would not be aloud to bring his dogs with him in the first place so that may be one reason why he brought his dogs illegally. Also if you put him in jail there will be protest because he is very famous, people will not agree with him going to jail!

  • This , man just probably really loves his dogs.

    Depp probably might have not known that he was not supposed to bring animals, and I'm not saying this just because he's a , movie star. Ts guy is a full grown man, and while he did break a law, if was just a few doggies! Give the guy a break.

  • Are you crazy?

    First of all, Australia has this ridiculous law. Second of all, why is jail time even a question? Can people use some common sense for a second? If those Aussies had such a big issue with it, they should've just gotten the dogs back on a plane and flown them back to America, which they did.

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daem0n says2015-05-31T04:30:33.210
What I dislike about this kind of question is that there are two different ways to interpret it, and therefore, two contradictory but equally valid ways to answer it:

"Yes, he should face jail time because a famous person does not deserve to be exempt from the law."

"No, he should not face jail time because no one should face jail time for doing what he did."

This kind of question creates the illusion of disagreement where there really is none.

Furthermore, the result of a poll like this is an indication of how people interpret the question, not an indication of what people actually think about the issue.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-07-09T13:54:01.950
Lesson learned ... Stop shooting movies in Australia. Do not give them any tourism or publicity. Keep your money away from them or anything they do over there.