• Manziel is an alcoholic

    While I hate to judge anyone without personally knowing him, from the evidence presented in the media he shows classic signs of alcoholism such as missing work and showing a tendency for violence. I don't base this just on biased reporting, but what actual videos of him have shown, along with interviews with his team.

  • Yes, Johnnt Manziel is an alcoholic

    Yes, anybody who creates problems for themselves because of alcohol is an alcoholic, in my mind. Johnny Manziel has a history with making statements and videos that reflect his alcoholism. This man is about to lose his career because of his addiction, and I believe that speaks volumes about his alcohol use.

  • Yes, I think that Johnny Manziel is an alcoholic.

    Yes, I think that Johnny Manziel is an alcoholic because Manziel has been to rehab the last couple of years and has voiced his constant battle with alcohol. I think that Manziel is still capable of receiving help under the right people and football organization and turning his life around for the better.

  • Johnny Manziel is a genuine, good guy

    Johnny Manziel has had a rough time since he entered the NFL. He was selected as the 22nd over all draft pick in 2014. He is now a quarterback for the Clevland Browns and has tried to make a name for himself as a well-rounded quarterback that is capable of putting the team on his back. I beleive that Johnny is a genuine guy and is not anywhere near an alcoholic.

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