Do you think Jon Stewart's show actually informs the public about important news issues (yes) or is merely entertainment (no)?

  • Jon Stewart's Daily Show is as informative about important news issues as other more "serious" news casts.

    All news shows are inherently about entertainment. The only difference between Jon Stewart's show and news casts that are considered more serious is that he entertains with humor instead of a constant focus on drama and disaster. Humor, sarcasm, and irony have long been tools used to inform the public about the pressing issues of our time, such as "A Modest Proposal," and Jon Stewart's show is no different. His show serves an important role by attracting viewers that might not otherwise watch the news and inform themselves of the important events occuring at home and around the globe.

  • Jon Stewart brings the News to you

    Jon Stewart is openly a clown. His support staff are openly comedians. Many were doing political satire well before being brought into the show. We accept this. However, be careful what you take as just a joke. Much of the information he presents as fact is just that. It doesn't take much to know when he is being honest. He usually gives his source first. His show is more about how silly the other news shows are, even though they are trying to be serious. In doing so, he gets serious while trying to be silly. His guests are hit and miss, but some are very influential people in the world, not just the US. Stewart's show is the news in all its ridiculousness.

  • News is incorporated

    Yes, this informs the public about important news, because the news is incorporated into an entertainment aspect, which will actually make viewers remember and pay more attention to the show. Since the show is entertaining, they will want to watch, and the news will easily stick in their minds now.

  • You have to know the news.

    Yes, I think that Jon Stewart's show actually informs the public about important news issues, because a person has to already know the news issues in order to appreciate the jokes. Also, each segment starts by giving an actual factual rendition of what happened in the news segment. It is both informative and entertaining.

  • A Mixture of Things

    I believe Jon Stewart's show is, for the most part, a form of entertainment. With that said, I do believe it brings up topics people might not be aware of otherwise, which can lead them to find more information about it from other sources. So while it is entertainment, it still brings up current affairs and makes the public more aware.

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