Do you think JonBenet Ramsey's mother's death from ovarian cancer is a version of karmic justice for the girl's unsolved homicide?

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  • Absolutely not. Patsy Ramsey first had ovarian cancer before JonBenet died.

    JonBenet was found with male DNA on her, so the killer is probably a male. Also, parents do not need a stun gun to subdue a six year old girl, and JonBenet was found with stun gun marks. Veteran detective Lou Smit determined that the Ramseys did not kill JonBenet.

  • No, karma doesn't work that way.

    JonBenet Ramsey's mother did die of ovarian cancer, but so do many other women and it is not a punishment for some sin or other, which is an outdated and harmful notion. She may or may not have had anything to do with the death, but karma is more about the effects created over a lifetime and not direct repayment for a bad deed.

  • No higher power

    No, her mothers tragic death from cancer was not some type of justice from a higher power. Millions of people each year catch cancer, and a high percentage of them die from it. The mother had a high chance of catching cancer all along, because a lot of people do.

  • No, I think cancer is cancer, not karma

    I do not personally believe that JonBenet Ramsey's mother getting ovarian cancer and dying from it is a form of karma. Karma is more complicated than that, and it is impossible to every verify that an unsolved homicide has any kind of divine or spiritual connection to a later illness and death. Both events are tragic, but distinct.

  • That's a stupid and sick question.

    That's a rather sick question from a somewhat disturbed mind. JonBenet Ramsey's mother's death was not karmic or justice in any sense of the word. While I think she showed questionable judgment involving her daughter in child beauty pageants, she did love her little girl very much. Her parents were victims, too.

  • Karmic Justice, Really...

    I do not believe Jon Benet Ramsey's mother's death from ovarian cancer is a version of karmic justice for the girl's unsolved homicide. There was not proof that either her or the father was actually involved in the girl's disappearance and assumed death. Therefore it is unfair to assume her cancer had anything to do with karma, not that the question indicates any real knowledge of what karma really is.

  • Don't be Stupid!

    What a ridiculous question. Patsy Ramsey did not kill her daughter, and as a result, her death from ovarian cancer, which I might add she narrowly survived years prior, was most certainly not a "Version of karmic justice for JonBenet Ramsey's unsolved homicide".

    What a pathetic dumb question! The Ramseys are innocent.

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