• The banking system was in the hands of Jews

    Banks and high Bourgeoisy were an easy target for the populist nacional-socialists who struggled to find a support from the working class voters with an anti-capitalism speech. The direct competitors were the communists, Of course. When you play the identity card, A scape goat such as the Jews fit perfectly the intention to feed and direct an angered mob.

  • Yes, he did.

    The National Socialists always blamed an "international finance cartel" - much as the left-wing socialists did. The only variance was that the National Socialists based it on ethnicity - the Jews as this cartel of burglars and gangsters, the Jews as a single movement while left-wing Socialists believed the issue transcended race.

  • Capitalism was a way for Goebbels to justify his hatred

    I think Goebbels already hated Jews, and believed that Jews were the engine behind capitalism's success. Thus, his hatred for capitalism. That said, I think he would look for any reason to hate them. I'm sure this wasn't the only connection he "made" to justify his beliefs that they were inferior, but one of many.

  • He had many influences.

    Yes, I think that Joseph Goebbels hatred of capitalism fueled his anti-Semitism, because the Jews were seen as very good at capitalism. Goebbels hated capitalism and the people who profited from capitalism. That put blame falsely on the Jews, because they thrived in the capitalist system. Hatred of capitalism was one of Goebbels' influences.

  • Turning vote in favor of NO

    G. Was a really smart guy, and as you know (if you are smart) smart people see the bigger picture. It is well known fact that Jews sponsored/created a lot of wars including the USA civil war and even Napoleonic wars. Every smart person will see a threat in people like this too much power concentrated on them. That is why they started to remove the Jews. # G. Was a good guy

  • No, he probably used it as an excuse

    Joseph Goebbels grew up in an era in which anti-Semitism was deeply rooted in European culture, some of those roots stretching back centuries. Much of that anti-Semitism predated capitalism. Although he may have justified his hatred of Jews by pointing to the evils of capitalism, it's very likely that if capitalism never existed, he would've found a different reason to hate them.

    Also, remember that much of the anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany had more to do with the German's bitterness over WW1 and the economic hardships of the 20s than capitalism, and the need for a scapegoat. So if anything, Goebbel's hatred was probably fueled more by the prevailing idea that the Jews had sold the Germans out at the Treaty of Versailles than anything having to do with capitalism.

  • They're Not Connected

    I do not believe Joseph Goebbels hatred for capitalism is connected to his anti-Semitism. As a person that despises what capitalism has done to America I can identify that the hatred of capitalism can easily be obtained by noting its affects. It does not explain how someone would acquire racist ideals like anti-Semitism.

  • Doing his job

    I think this man simply saw an opportunity during the holocaust, so he took it and ran with it. He used propaganda to fuel the Nazi uprising, and he simply had a reason behind it that he thought would push him to a lot of money, power, and fame later on.

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