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  • No, his political views are wrought with antisemitism.

    Joseph Goebbels' political views were so ingrained and founded in his extreme antisemitism that they can not be seen as morally justified. As Adolf Hitler's Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany, Goebbels' political views are so clearly detached from reality and founded in the hate and opression of an entire culture.

  • He inspired hate

    He inspired a massive amount of hate during the Nazi era. So many people had varying degrees of hatred towards the Jews within the Nazi party at all levels of the party, but someone with a lot of hate would be needed to actually be the one to inspire the hate.

  • He preached hate.

    No, I do not think that Joseph Goebbels' political views can be morally justified, because any political views that lead to murdering millions of innocent people cannot be justified. Goebbels co-opted the good faith of the people of Germany to advance his own agenda of hate. He was ruthless, and there is no justification to hate, and not justification for using politics as a means to an end.

  • He Hated Life in General

    Joseph Goebbels hated life in general, partially because he was crippled and couldn't serve in World War I. His lust for power found an outlet with his sharp intellect and grandiose oratory. Goebbels was the propagandist for Adolf Hitler's Nazi war machine which promulgated the Holocaust. Goebbels' political views weren't morally justified simply because he had a rough childhood growing up as a Catholic in Rhineland.

  • Can't Justify Racism

    I do not believe Joseph Goebbels' political views can be morally justified. In doing one, one would grant that it is fine to be a racist and even further, that it is okay to commit genocide. Neither of these things can ever be justified and doing so would send us back a long ways.

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