• Yes It Is

    I believe judicial activism in a democratic society is unjust. I believe it is a judges job to remain neutral and serve justice. They are not on the bench to push their points of view or try and manipulate the laws set forth by the legislation. Although that is what the judicial system has turned into.

  • It is not democratic in nature

    Judicial activism undermines the foundation of a democratic society. It is basically taking the demos or people out of the equation and only one person is being allowed to create law. Instead of the decisions being made by laws they are being politically motivated and this type of president setting is unhealthy for a democratic society

  • No, judicial activism in a democratic society isn't unjust.

    I do not believe that judicial activism in a democratic society is unjust. I think that it is a part and principle of Democracy that makes this society great. People should have the right to stand up for their believes and protest if they want to. I think that it is beneficial for society.

  • Judges Act is Just

    Judges decide cases of law. By nature they are active. They are activists trying to maintain the integrity of precedence while they slowly adjust the collated law to our actual society. They are one branch of government with limited powers. When conservatives in society want to limit judicial activism all they are saying is that they want rule of the minority, them.

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