• It should have some light shone on it

    Yes, I do think that Kabbalah should be more mainstream in the Jewish religion in so much as it should receive some attention and be recognized. It is, for most Jewish people, difficult to move the practice into their traditional religion. It is a different standpoint to the Jewish religion and it should be given as an option for those that want to practice the religion.

  • Yes, in the sense that it should be recognized.

    Kaballah is not in itself main stream, so it can not be easily interjected into the traditional Jewish practice of most people in that religion. But it is a system of mysticism that is quite helpful for those willing to undergo its rigors, as opposed to its recent pop presentation, and it should be taught as a possibility.

  • No, Kabbalah is not for everyone

    Kabbalah is a wonderful mystical discipline, but it is not
    for everyone. Like Judaism, many religions offer a spectrum of faith. Believers
    may be born into a particular discipline like Kabbalah, or they may come to it as
    part of their life journey. Kabbalah is an esoteric faith for those seeking a spiritual
    truth or an intense personal understanding of one’s relationship with the
    divine. True followers may devote every minute of their lives to Kabbalah. For
    many, it’s too much.

  • Not As Common

    I do not believe Kabbalah should be more mainstream in the Jewish religion. Kabbalah is an off shoot of Judaism and has more metaphysical tendencies. It is not suppose to be regarded as part of the common tenants of Judaism and it should not be forced onto adherents of the faith.

  • Have your own faith

    I do not think any religion should be more or less popular than another, it is all in what people want to believe and want to have faith in. No one religion should be more or less important, is just depends on the person who is following the faith and what they follow.

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