Do you think Kaley Cuoco's choice of attire at the Grammys was a good one?

  • Wear What you Want Kaley Cuoco

    I think if Kaley Cuoco liked her Grammy outfit then it was a good choice! Who cares what anyone else thinks, rock what you like! She looked beautiful, had a glowing smile and her hair was on point. I think she looked happy and happiness really just looks good on anyone. So good choice Kaley Cuoco! Rock it!

  • Kaley Cuoco's outfit at the Grammy's

    Kaley Cuoco's outfit was fashion forward and fit her body type well. She is in excellent physical shape and looked good in it. I would also say it looked a lot more comfortable than wearing a dress and high heels for the entire evening. Plus, she's not a singer so I don't think it's necessary for her to be too fashion-forwardf in her attire for the occasion.

  • Very Beautiful Jumpsuit

    The outfit that Kaley Cuoco wore to the Grammy's was pretty non-traditional. It was a white jumpsuit, with pieces of the bodice cut out to show off her abs. I think the choice was outstanding. Some of the clothes on the Grammy's were really disgusting. This one was just the right amount of sexy. Kudos to Kaley.

  • She Looked Stunning

    I think that it is important that she sets her fashion choices apart from what she wears on the bog bang theory. Her attire was chic and flattering and showed off her gorgeous body. It was a wonderful color and I'm so glad she chose it. I didn't understand why a television actress was at the grammys, though.

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