Do you think Kashmir should be made a separate country and should not have to choose between India and Pakistan?

Asked by: ChandanB
  • Pakistan and India

    Kashmir had a right to be with Pakistan, because Kashmir was Muslim. If India had ruled Kashmir, than the Muslims would have been discriminated by the Hindus. Kashmir has a given right to belong to Pakistan. Pakistan was made for the Muslims. It would not be fair for Kashmir's population

  • India shoul never even think twice about Pakistan having Jammu and Kashmir

    As Kashmir belongs to India . If the people want to join the any other country they have to go out of India but not with India's land . You see if a person of kerala wants to join some other country what will they do . Will they carry the country on their shoulders and run around . Is it logical ? What we need to understand here is the Kashmir always belonged to India and will belong to India.

  • Kashmir chose to be a part of India contrary to what Pakistan has been insinuating.

    - Kashmir's rulers chose to merge with the Indian Union when Pakistani Army attacked J&K.
    - The cultural ethos of J&K is what unites the people not their religion. Kashmiris are peace loving and secular by nature, which is also true of the larger Indian ethos.
    - Pakistan is a failed state. The people of Pakistan have an identity crisis. They negate their Indian roots and Hindu ancestry by claiming allegiance to Arabs. How can they claim Kashmir to be a part of Pakistan?

  • No never kasmir

    Kashmir is an Indian state and it remain one. Kashmir can never be a separate state or part of Pakistan. Going to United Nations Security Council in order to resolve the issue was a biggest mistake by india. Kashmir was never a disputed state or it need any pleabsite.As instrument of accession was already signed by King Harisingh of the state which was then law according to the Indian independence act. Pakistan is pushing itself towards its extinction which is its ultimate fate and a terrible end of a rogue state. Pakistan is approaching its last days . World without pakistan will be world with peace. Pakistan must cease to exist .Pakistan is a monster which is waiting swallow the civilizations on this beautiful planets. Pakistan must be a place on the of this planet. A Rogue nation which has no contact with the reality.

  • No, Absolutely Not

    Kashmir was there,long before Pakistan was created, so how can Pakistan claim Kashmir? If you ask a Pakistani, they would say that Kashmir is a Muslim majority state and so it belongs to them. Now in 1947, a separate country for Muslims of South Asia aka Pakistan was carved out of India, and yet more than half of the Muslims stayed in India. Today India has more Muslims than Pakistan,so the very foundation of Pakistan is a joke and was just to serve the greed of few Muslim politicians. Kashmir has been part of Indian kingdoms throughout the history, so how can it be made a separate country. There is no logical reason to support the idea of an independent Kashmir.

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Theunkown says2014-12-06T17:37:01.277
There should be a referendum.