Do you think Katie Hopkins is a good (yes) or bad (no) role model for young girls today?

  • A good one

    I think that she is a good role model for kids, and that she does a lot of good for the nation as a whole. I think that all of the young girls today need to watch what she does and use her as a good role model to follow.

  • No, Young girls hate themselves enough.

    I'm all for politically incorrect! I believe there are only two genders, Feminisms is cancer, Illegal immigration needs to be stopped and people with face tattoos have something wrong going on. But this is pure narcissism. People being praised for being skinny is what is causing such alarming rates of eating disorders. As someone who has battled anorexia THREE times myself and have yoyoed like CRAZY with my weight from 15 (a baby) to 20 years old, SUPER important years and I am now left with serious health consequences, If I were to catch her saying anything about someone's body I'd shoot her ib the face right there and then. I'd gladly go to prison for that. Reality tv, Please! What has this world come to.

  • No she osnt

    She is not a role model as she preaches hate and loads of other right wing stuff which has no place in the twenty first century. I can't believe she's being given the airtime, it's just to boost the ratings of the irresponsible broadcasters. If my daughter turned out like her I'd be horrified

  • Terrible role model, a nasty jealous woman

    I think she should get arrested!!! She teaches young girls that if they are fat it means they are lazy, and you should also judge someone based on their sexuality. Now that is just wrong, in my opinion. She is mean to overweight people and is telling girl to be skinny like her and in a way I mean she looks anorexic (no offence to anorexic people!!!). Btw I think she is jealous of overweight girls cause they have better boobs and bootie, she has nothin!! I know this because I'm a girl too, she's just jealous.

  • Narcissistic Sociopath behavior BAD for society!

    There are no levels that Katie Hopkins would not stoop to gain notoriety & a pay check! I don't believe people should be paid to bully & say hateful things! Her comments on Alicia Douvall & her IQ on celebrity big brother was paramount to mental abuse, BULLYING! If everyone behaved like Katie Hopkins, displaying narcissistic sociapathic tendencies, switching on the charm to control people but caring very little for anyone except herself, It would be a distressing world to live in! I truly believe having these people on the telly all the time with religion & moral grounding low on the agenda in todays society we are breeding a generation of hateful selfish people. I do not follow a religion but believe being disrespectful to others is destructing a peaceful society!

  • If she is a role model, I am the pope

    She has constantly been badmouthing people about the weight they are and young girls don't need to hear that, there is enough of that in the media alone to pressure them into thinking they need to loose weight. People in the UK are overweight but they already know that she doesn't need to publically announce it, especially when she is far from perfect, young kids shouldn't be put in that position, as long as people are happy they don't need to change, and if they want to its up to them, Katie Hopkins doesn't need to make a TV show telling showing people how easy it is when its clear she is going to struggle. People can reach out for help but she is badmouthing overweight people so much that I think they will be afraid to ask for help. If that happens to young girls they are just going to have more issues in later life.

  • No, I don't believe Katie Hopkins is a good role model for girls today.

    I believe Katie Hopkins has a habit of making controversial remarks and then backtracking when people call her out on them, while she may be entertaining to watch or read about I don't believe that Katie Hopkins should be held as a standard role model for young girls in today's society to emulate.

  • I think Katie Hopkins is a bad role model for young girls today.

    I think Katie Hopkins is a bad role model for young girls today. Despite her being on several reality shows and having degrees of success as an entrepreneur, she has also been the center of controversy by making remarks against fellow contestants which were in bad taste, and joking about a helicopter crash in Glassgow, Scotland. Katie Hopkins seems to lack good judgment when making remarks about sensitive issues.

  • Not a good role model

    Katie Hopkins is not a good role models for young girls today because she does too many controversial things. She says some provocative things in the media and parents would have a hard time allowing their young girls t emulate Katie Hopkins. She causes too many concerns for parents right now.

  • Not A Role Model

    Katie Hopkins is a tabloid news reporter and a former reality TV personality. I don't think either of these qualify her as a role model for anyone, so I can't say she is a good role model for girls today. Given her age and her past I have my doubts young girls would even identify with her.

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