Do you think Katie Hopkins's question and answer session on Twitter was genuine (yes) or just a ploy to get publicity (no)?

  • It seemed genuine.

    Someone like Katie Hopkins doesn't really need to get publicity, so I thin the question and answer was a genuine scenario where she wanted to talk to and connect to people who are drawn to her. It seems to have been a real success too, and more people should do them.

  • It was all a ploy

    Katie Hopkins question and answer session on Twitter was just a ploy to garner attention. She did not do it for genuine friendliness to her a twitter followers. Twitter is a great tool for celebrities to garner the attention that they desire if it used used in a smart and proper way.

  • a real her

    I think that all of the things that she said on there was the real feelings that she was feeling, and that she was wanting to help out a whole lot of people by doing this and try to get a lot of people to get on to her side.

  • Publicity, Publicity, Publicity

    Obviously Katie Hopkin's question and answer session on Twitter was all about publicity, but that doesn't mean the answers aren't genuine. This is simply a growing trend that is actually more popular on Reddit. AMA or ask me anything has been used by people in entertainment to help promote newer projects and fundraisers.

  • It was publicity to increase her TV appearances.

    I believe everything Katie Hopkins says or does is just a ploy to get publicity. Her entire media career so far has depended on her stirring up controversy. She relies on the controversy to get her invited onto television and do interviews, and this is how she makes money for herself.

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