• I actually miss him on ESPN, he is essentially worthless at MSNBC

    Despite what your opinion of his political stances may be, Keith Olbermann was wonderful in his return to ESPN between 2013 and 2015. He opened my eyes to a lot of history that ESPN attempted to cover up and actually exposed a lot of dirty secrets about Sports and the Sports media.

    Who else in pop culture has the balls to do that?

    I approved of KO at ESPN

  • He's good with sports

    Keith Olbermann is rather funny and I think he is good for ESPN. He has always been good with sports as well as political broadcasting. I think he feels more at home with sports reporting and it makes it very light hearted. ESPN is lucky to have him on their team.

  • Yes, I think Keith Olbermann is good for ESPN.

    I think Keith Olbermann is a talented newscaster whether it be political commentary or sports casting, I think as long as people are watching his show enough to give him good ratings then ESPN should be happy with their decision to hire him to their network, I think he is doing a good job.

  • Always new insights

    It seems that almost any reporter or contributor for ESPN has very religious fans, while some people hate the person. It seems that this diversity of people on staff is a good thing, because for every person that hates a person like Keith, there is one who adores him and he is their favorite.

  • He Is Prominent

    I believe Kieth Olbermann is good for ESPN. If he was bad for them he would have negatively impacted the ratings and he wouldn't have enjoyed the success he now does. People who don't fulfill the needs of their employer often don't stay with their employers, they are fired. Olbermann's staying power is proof of his success.

  • Yes, Keith Olbermann is good for ESPN.

    Yes, Keith Olbermann is an asset to ESPN's broadcasting staff. He is a talented journalist, which is the most important attribute for anyone appearing on any news broadcast. Although he is far better known for his work in political journalism, he has been able to transition into the world of sports journalism quite well.

  • Keith Olbermann is a partisan hack.

    While talented enough to draw a decent audience, he is a pompous and hypocritical windbag with an extreme liberal bias.[1] [2] [3] And even though his comically extreme political views may have been all well and good for some off his current employers, such as MSNBC, ESPN has a diverse audience that encompasses the entire political spectrum. It is not in the networks best interest to hire someone who not only fosters a toxic work environment (as attested to by many former co-workers), but who may very well alienate a significant portion of your consumer base.[4] [5] [6] In the end, I would not at all be surprised if his current employment with ESPN ends in the same way it did with Current TV, MSNBC, Fox Sports, and ESPN (back in 1997)... With him being fired.


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