• Yes, I think Kevin Warwick's work is an upgrade.

    Yes, I think Kevin Warwick's work is an upgrade. Anything that can enhance the human experience on earth is an upgrade. I do not see what the controversy is with his work. But then again I am not a religious person and do not see it as an act against god.

  • Providing new ways of doing old things

    Kevin Warwick's work will help society and is an upgrade. Warwick's work will allow us to use cybernetics and artificial intelligence to enhance the abilities of humanity. There are limits of the human body, and Warwick's work may one day allow us to overcome those. In addition, he has done work with bioethics and school children to increase public awareness of these possibilities.

  • Work in robotics

    Kevin has made huge advances in science, especially in the topic of robotics. He is a very smart man, and has given a lot of quality research to the world of science. His work had for sure been an upgrade, and hopefully he still has time left to make even more.

  • We can rebuild him. We have the technology.

    Kevin Warwicks work in cybernetics has allowed for not only the repair of the human body with the use of robotics, but in some cases improvements. A person may not have the fine motor skills they once possessed, but now with their new cybernetic arm they can grip with the power of 50 PSI. I would call that an upgrade.

  • Kevin Warwick's work is a downgrade

    I don't believe that Kevin Warwicks work is bad or that he is not helping the world. I just believe that the way people have responded to his robotic world is a downgrade. I believe that Warwick wanted life to be easier for people not make them become reliant on the robot and become lazy drones.

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