• Some kids should be homeschooled.

    Some kids should be home schooled. This depends on both the child and the parent that will be teaching their children at home. If they have the time and devotion to be able to spend that much time with their kid in a teaching manner, then yes. Most home schooled children are far more advanced then the children in the same class they would be in public school. This is because more time is focused on the one child and usually no distractions from the other students.

  • If you get a tutor in

    Parents should not home school unless they are qualified teachers. It is not fair to the child.
    How many kids get a substandard eduction from parents that are to dumb to even know what they don't know?

    Home schooling sounds like it must be very lonely for the child also, I cant see it making for an assertive and confident adult being with the parents all day.

  • It can be good.

    There is nothing wrong with homeschooling as long as parents are really teaching them during that time. Homeschooling is a good idea both to protect your child from the dangers of the world and to make sure your values are being instilled in your children. The problem with homeschooling is that children lack social involvement. If children are to be taught at home parents need to make a conscience effort to socialize their children through a club or sports activity.

  • No, kids should not be homeschooled.

    Kids should not be home schooled because they miss out on important social learning during their early developmental years. Home school also prevents your child from developing bonds with other positive influential adults. The quality of education also deteriorates because not every home schooling parent is capable of properly teaching every subject.

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