• Parents should know where their kids are.

    And if having cell phones to contact their parents if they are in an emergency situation will help, I say yes. But I can't think of any reason why a kid should be walking around with a smartphone. A simple phone should do the trick for keeping in touch. It also depends on your child's age and maturity.

  • Depends on age/purpose

    We are living in different times, and the way crime rate is at an all time high lately, I think kids should be allowed to use cell phones; but, strictly to contact their parents in case of an emergency. They should be given an older track phone or something of that nature until they old enough to use newer smart phones.

  • Phones can help kids in rough situation.

    I support the fact that kids should use cell phones as long as its not been abused. Phones can come handy in many situation. Lets say a child who is alone all the time and needs to talk to someone that can prevent child from feeling lonely. And in emergency situation it can be a life saving device.

  • I don't know

    I got my first cell phone when I was like 11, I think it should only be used to call other then looking at porn on their iphone 7s+ and I don't even have that phone yet so it's only fair. That's only my opinion nothing other, and no need to be offensive

  • Generally speaking no

    Kids should have bare minimum phones that can call their parents in the event of an emergency and that's it. They don't need (another) mobile gaming device, they don't need something to text each other during school, or any of that. It should be a tool for use in emergency situations and that's it.

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