• Kyle Orton Is Retiring

    I believe that Kyle Orton is really retiring. He said that it was a family decision, not an individual decision. I believe that family decisions tend to be more stable and concrete than a individual whim. I also think that 10 years is a long time in a career field, so he is probably satisfied with the amount of work that he has done and has the financial stability to retire.

  • Kyle Orton Plans to Retire

    According ESPN Kyle Orton announced his retirement after 10 seasons on this past Monday. Although the Bills players were surprised, Orton stated that is was a family decision and that he wanted to get home and be a dad. After all he has been doing this for 10 years and it was time to go home to be with his family.

  • Yes I do believe that Kyle Orton is retiring

    In the past 10 seasons Kyle Orton has made more that $75 million dollars. He been married the majority of that time and has never lived the big money, high dollar life style. I think he feels he has all the money he'll need and values his family and health over playing in the NFL. Smart decision and I wish him well!

  • Yes, I don't believe Kyle Orton wants to keep playing in the NFL.

    After playing for 10 seasons in the NFL, I think Kyle Orton is legitimately deciding to quit the sport of professional football. While it's common for players to announce their retirement and then reverse their decision, I believe Mr. Orton has put personal significance on the 10 year mark and will no longer be a part of the NFL.

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wildmanz says2014-12-31T05:57:36.330
He's not brett farve or Michel Jordan he will stay gone