Do you think large stores such as Home Depot and Target should do more to protect their consumers' payment information?

  • Stores need to get it together!

    Stores need to get it together with their security issues. They need to find a way to protect customer information so as to make their clientele feel they do not have to worry about having funds lost and their identities taken. Home Depot, Target, and other stores have to find a way to close the door on security breaches.

  • Consumer Protection Is Paramount

    From a business perspective, large stores like Home Depot and Target must be seen as being trustworthy. Bad publicity like this will directly cause bottom lines at these and other stores to be affected. If there are ways to crack customer information processes, then there has to be other ways to protect consumer information.

  • Yes, large stores should do more to protect payment information.

    Identity theft is a real issue these days, and stores need to take it seriously. Big stores like Target and Home Depot, who have insanely large number of customers, need to pay extra attention, because the amount of data that can be stolen in one shot is devastating. In this era of electronics and internet, companies need to pay extra attention to keeping all of their information secure.

  • Yes. they should do everything possible to protect consumer information

    In today's world there is a lot of competition amount big box stores such as Home Depot and Target. If Hackers are accessing our information via these stores, more and more consumers will choose not to shop there regardless of the products they offer. The risk is just too Great.

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