Do you think laws concerning gender equality are not quite translated into proper equality within society?

  • These laws seem to never translate

    These laws sound as though they are never implemented correctly or they create inequality in the gender not included. Proper equality needs to be accepted by the society and not create a in-written rule or a minimal requirement that society feels the need to always meet. Most of the time it creates other barriers that are even harder to break through.

  • You can't force it.

    Yes, I think that laws concerning gender equality are not quite translated into proper equality within society, because there is still sexism that happens in society all the time. In the legal profession, I hear male lawyers say terrible things about female attorneys all the time. Sometimes, the female attorneys are not much better.

  • Gender equality of hard topic

    Gender equality and the way it is presented and translated is always a tough topic to talk about. A lot of people and what they say being gender based always comes with a misunderstanding that causes conflict and divides people. The more people understand the sensitivity of the other gender the better translation should be.

  • What is 'proper equality'?

    People keep saying this, but they always seem to be looking for equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity. People make different choices, so the assumption that everything will end up equal is a flawed assumption. Do we have equality of opportunity? For the most part. We are also looking at a shifting culture which we have not given time to reacclimatize to the new normal.

  • No, there is proper equality within society.

    In this current time in history I feel that gender equality is at its highest within the western world. Many women work many of the same jobs as men and receive equal pay, equal benefits, and equal opportunities for advancement. Women also have far more say in partnerships compared to the women of fifty years ago.

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