Do you think Left 4 Dead 2 better than Left 4 Dead 1?

Asked by: Jakey1997
  • Haven't watch any of those

    If you want to get some votes or comments try getting movies that are new and popular plus they have great ratings, like Hotel Transylvania 2. Its has great ratings is super new and stuff like that. But probably the the reason you don't have any votes is because this is a new argument but try newer movies. Also the first movie is usall better than the second sooo

  • Yes, it is.

    I haven't actually played LEFT FOR DEAD 2, but I really like Left for Dead 1, because its so goddamn difficult. I couldn't beat it with 10 different people playing with me at the same goddamn time! I really like a challenge, and I doubt the sequel is even close to being as good.

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