Do you think legalizing same-sex marriage is a good thing?

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  • It's a good thing.

    I would think legalizing same sex marriage is a good thing because you couldn't judge people from who they wanted to love. If you separate them apart, it makes us a bad person. It's like been set apart from your love ones.

    But looking at the religious side of aspects, it's acceptable. I understood that.

  • Equal rights for everyone regardless of who they are is not just right, but the American way.

    Obviously, I'm a supporter of gay marriage, and I personally don not care what consenting adults do in their bedrooms,as long as it isn't harming anybody.Legalizing same sex marriage is a step forward for equality, and as a libertarian I honestly think it may be one of the few things I . Agree with president Obama on.

  • It is a good thing!

    I believe yes because the declaration of independence says we all have the right to the pursuit of happiness. If that mean being homosexual, go ahead. Many states have legalized it, over 50%. And many countries are joining the bandwagon. So why is it a bad thing? Diversity is the definition of America.

  • Same sex is fine!

    I think it is sad that people have to hide away their love for the same sex. If people want to be gay/lesbian, let them! This is a free country, where people should be able to marry who they want to marry. Why are people so against it anyway? The bible may think it's wrong. The scientists may think it's wrong. The government may think it's wrong, but who cares? People are free to think the way the want to think, and that includes if they thing they want to marry their sex. Be free, homosexians!

  • I support gay-marriage

    The felt of marriage had increased their commitment and their sense of responsibility and had generally strengthened their relationships.
    they feel better in themselves
    and they can start a family
    this is why i think gay marriage should be legalised.
    People can love who they want even if they are the same sex

  • I think yes

    I think yes because you can not control who you like. So they do you think they can and if you don't let them get married all the people that believe may start a war and it is just like the slavery were black and white were not aloud to get married and now they can we just need to get a brain and accept others for who they are.
    From: Vanessa age 14

  • Gay marriage should be legalized.

    No matter if someone is straight, gay, bisexual, etc they should be able to marry the person they love. I don't see what is so wrong with it, the couple would be happy. What's so bad with a couple of the same sex/gender getting married if they love each other and are happy?

  • There's nothing wrong with gay marriage

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with gay marriage. The main thing I hear people say is, "It's just not right" or, "I don't want my son/daughter being gay" Well guess what, it's only their choice, not anyone else's. It should not be mandated by the gov't. Another thing I have heard people say is, "It's against the bible" Well, that was written forever ago, not 2013. Also, people have the freedom of religion. If being gay is against your religion, don't be gay. It also says that women guilty of pre-marital sex should be stoned to death. We don't do that, do we? I can think of a lot of people who would be dead if now if we enforced that. When it comes down to it, it is only their choice if people want to be gay, not anyone elses.

  • YES of course

    I am all for same sex marriages. I believe everyone should be able to marry if they love someone if you love someone you want to get married its the same thing for them. If you don't agree you need a reality check. Everyone should be able to be happy and loved and that's something you should allow people no matter what if they are homosexual or heterosexual.

  • Who really cares?

    Who cares if people are gay or lesbian or bisexual? Let them be happy! It doesn't matter if they aren't straight. Who are they really harming? Ihey bug you, get over it cuz this is what is. Everybody has their rights. This is not a big deal people!! If they want children they can just adopt! Which in reality is a benefit because then more foster kids will have a better life. So it doesn't matter, people! Gay people are actually benefits!

  • It would put an unnecessary strain on the government system.

    Marriage is not only a public display of commitment but a legal institution.The government spends millions of dollars in marriage counseling and in settling disputes etc. The only reason that the government intervenes in the private affairs of it's citizens is because it has an interest in ensuring a stable environment for the growth of its future citizens.
    Same sex couples may adopt children even if they are single. The government has no need to legally protect their relationships as they are incapable of having any children of their own.

  • Gays are not OK, Lesbian-est.

    It's never an OK thing to be gay/lesbian. If two people of the same gender were to show their affection in public, AND IN FRONT OF CHILDREN, it would be showing that it is OK and natural to be gay/lesbian. These gays/lesbians are forcing the human population down. Those people that are supposedly "born this way," are actually not. There are no actual evidence that they are born that way. If everyone becomes then it will lead to the extinction of humans. The only way to keep the human race increasing in population is for every human to NOT be gay/lesbian.

  • Harmful to children

    When a child has gay parents he does not have access to a real mother and father, which a child absolutely needs. Children don't want two men who act like women or two women who act like men to teach them how to grow up because chances are they are straight and need guidance about straight relationships from straight people. Another thing, these children will feel different and inferior to the other children they know. They will get teased about their gay parents. And pertaining to the validity of gay marriage, it doesn't even fit the definition of marriage. A marriage has to include a man and a woman. If not, it will harm society and defy God, whether or not you believe in him.

  • There is nothing wrong with gay relationships...

    I have never had any disagreements with people who are gay straight bi ect... Each to their own. I do also believe it does not matter what gender the person is that you fall in love with, it's about the person. However, i do believe that marriage should be reserved for opposite sexes. This is nothing to do with religion, this is purely my opinion on the sciences. Men and woman are brought together by nature to pro create. That is our main function in life. Same sex couples, cannot pro create. People may say well you could adopt or have IVF or something, but i believe this is tampering with a science that is not to be tampered with. We should not be able to pick how a life is created, it is created purely through fertilization of an egg, naturally conceived. But obviously to become a person, an egg needs sperm. Woman needs man and vice versa. This is where marriage comes into play. Pro creation is also a part of marriage. I do NOT disagree to any gay couples being together or in love or anything of the sorts. But i do believe marriage should be saved for life's natural ways, which is man and woman. There is nothing too say a man and a man or a woman and a woman cannot be together, but you would be lying if you said it does not alter natures intended ways.

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Haroush says2013-11-22T18:42:36.257
Why do you have to keep posting about gay marriage? Haven't we debated this 10 times now in the past 7 days?