• They should have renewed

    I feel that LEGO should have renewed the contract with Shell. I think that the partnership worked well for LEGO and that you are never going to make everyone happy. I understand that people were not happy with Shell practices but who knows if the next partnership you go into will upset people also.

  • Lego needs to sperarte from Shell over Video

    I believe it is in Lego's best interest to end it's contract with Shell following the viral video against Arctic drilling. In this day and age consumers who are the target market for Lego are more consciously aware of evironment and the issues that surround things like drilling. I feel to maintain the contract would detrimentally affect the sale of Lego's worldwide.

  • sure why not

    I did not actually know they had a contract together. I have not heard anything negative about them being contracted together, so I guess my answer is sure. Why not re-contract together if everything is working smoothly so far? If not then I guess they probably have their good reasons.

  • No, LEGO should not renew its contract with Shell.

    Among US corporations, Shell has one of the worst environmental records, and that is some stiff competition. Just its Arctic drilling campaign alone has rightfully earned Shell the disgust of environmentalists through the US and beyond, and this is not to mention numerous other infractions. To do business with Shell, LEGO would be aligning itself with a true enemy of environmental protection. Even if you are not sold on the importance of environmental protection, from a public relations standpoint alone, doing business with Shell would not be a wise choice for LEGO.

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