Do you think Lewis Libby should have received a harsher sentence for his involvement in the Valerie Plame affair?

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  • Not A Harsher Sentence

    There is a lot of controversy and debate about Lewis Libby's trial and especially the sentence. At first reading it seems somewhat light, but overall I believe it was probably a fair sentence. What was not fair was the fact the he got to walk away from all of it when the President commuted it.

  • No,i do not agree that Lewis Libby should have received a harsher sentence.

    No,i do not agree that Lewis Libby should have received a harsher sentence.When one looks at the evidence closely it will show that Lewis Libby only had a small role in the whole affair and those with more authority than him actually got off scott free.So in actuality he acted like a fall guy.

  • No, I don't think so.

    The sentence he got was harsh enough. It seemed some people even wanted Lewis Libby to be put to death for this. It was a very bizarre case with a lot of twists and turns, but the end result was what it should have been, and we should just leave it as is.

  • Lewis Libby was wronged

    Lewis Libby got an unfair pumishment because of his political enemies. He was unjustly punished and he was not to blame for the Valerie Plame affair. His plitical enemies hated the Bush administration so mush that they needed to find someone that had a link to the President to punish.

  • I'm not convinced Lewis Libby should have recieved the sentence he recieved

    Lewis Libby was a scapegoat. The Bush administration needed to sacrifice someone in order for others not to become involved in the investigation. Libby accepted the responsibility for the Plame affair, but I am not convinced he was as involved as they say. I think he fell on the sword expecting Bush to pull it out, and was left on the ground bleeding.

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