Do you think liberals are giving Islam a free pass with their criticisms?

Asked by: MikelJohnson
  • READ The Qur'an, please...

    There are several translations available online at no charge. Then read "The Little Green Book" of the Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ruhollah Mosavi Khomeini, commonly known as the Ayatollah Khomeini.

    This collection of his fatawah, most of which were written while he was living in Paris (at the expense of the CIA), shows what HE thought were sufficiently important topics to absorb the time and effort of the holiest man in all of Shi'a Islam.

    The WHOLE thing only goes 61 pages and is available as a single PDF or as a series of one chapter PDF files here:

    There are other translations available if one does an internet search on "The Little Green Book Khomeini"

  • Whether it's out of fear, ignorance or pure hypocrisy, I think yes.

    Let's take radical islam completely out of the equation for a minute, and pretend it doesn't exist. When you really boil it down, Islamic ideologies are quite similar to christian ideologies but with the sexism and homophobia dialled way up. One mistake a lot of modern liberals make is mistaking criticism and disagreement for genuine hatred. I can say I disagree with islamic, even find them toxic, without that meaning I hate muslims as individuals. It just seems really ironic to see these people who claim to be so progressive defend a religion that actively shames and covers up women. Let's not forget the homophobia; even moderate muslims believe that non-celibate homosexuals are headed for nothing but eternal hellfire, which is even more disgusting when you remember that Mohammed had a 6 year old wife, with who he "consummated" the relationship when she was 10.

  • I am disappointed in liberals

    I am, for the most part, a liberal. I do think that liberals need to understand that if something is a bad or evil idea, then we shouldnt have to PC about it.
    Too many liberals are too worried about offending Muslims, and I agree there is a lot of Muslim hate right now, but we can't ignore the horrible things that are happening in Islam because we are worried about being PC.
    Of course, not all Muslims are bad, but we do need to understand what is really going on, and not a censored version because people are too worried about offending some people.

  • Very broad question, but yes.

    In the U.S., by and large the media contorts itself to a ludicrous degree to avoid the truth, at times. Hey, if it's Muslim terrorism, then let's say Muslim terrorism, not "religious extremism," etc.

    Looking around the world, as far as terrorism, is there anything currently comparable to radical Islam? I don't think so. For liberals or anybody else to pretend differently is just silly, in my opinion.

    I don't think most U.S. Muslims are terrorists; of course not. There is a distinction to be made between radical Muslims and non-radicals. About 4% of Islamic mosques and "Islamic centers" are known to be radical, and it's there that I think much greater scrutiny and investigation are called for. A small percentage but still some 80 to 100 mosques in the U.S., plus the 'Islamic centers.'

    In the long term, I do wonder how Muslims get away from Sharia law and the imposition of it. It's obviously not compatible with being in the U.S. and many other countries. I wonder how they get away from the radicals, if they can stay away from them. The duty of every Muslim is to "struggle" against those who believe differently. In the end, does that remain a peaceful thing?

  • People should be ashamed.

    Americans and the world need to stop being afraid of the few Muslims that are radicals. Do we hate all Christians because of the crusades NO, and we don't go discriminating against them ether. Why cant we do the same for Muslims? Every know ISIS is a radical group which makes them a minority of Muslims. Like how the KKK is a minority of whites but no one is afraid of a bunch of whites running around linching people. When there is a shooting in america Its always a" mentally unstable lone wolf" But if a black or Muslim or other group commits a mass shooting that group is looks down upon. Even if it was only one person why there no good reason for this. If a plane crash no one says that all planes need to be destroyed. We need to stop being afraid of each other and start opening our arms to catch the ones of us that have fallen.

  • ISIS (Daesh) is one extremist group, and doesn't speak for all Muslims.

    While they themselves will say that 'ISIS" is an 'Islamic State', most Muslims are ashamed to be connected to such a horrific movement, calling it 'Daesh', a loose acronym and a slang term for both 'one who crushes something underfoot', and 'one who sows discord'. Furthermore, in creating an atmosphere of terror wherein all Muslims and all Arabs are distrusted, we assist Daesh in their spread of fear. After the Paris attacks, they released a document stating that their objective was to spread Islamophobia in western media, thereby turning previously tolerant countries against their Muslim and Arab inhabitants, and ultimately forcing them out of those and into Daesh-controlled countries. In crying wolf, we play into their plans and hand them our power.

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