Do you think liberals attack conservatives only by accusing racism?

  • That's not their only argument, but it's certainly one of their most prevalent

    Obviously, not every liberal ever will immediately dismiss any rationality as racism. But a lot do, especially the progressive left, socialist left, and other far-left members. There is a growing movement within the left against political correctness, trigger warnings, and other stupid ideas, and a lot of the anti-PC liberals are becoming libertarians and conservatives, but that movement will probably never see any representation in the political environment or in any upcoming elections any time soon.

  • Absolutely, liberals are pots calling the kettle black.

    I'm neither conservative nor liberal, but have been paying attention for many years, watching a circus that always gets started by liberals. According to liberals, everything any conservative does or says is racist. Want to celebrate your Irish or Welsh or German or Swedish etc ancestry? That's racist. Do you believe in fairness and equality, where the best person for the job should get it, regardless of race? That's racist. Do you believe people should be responsible and support their own offspring? That's racist. And OMG if you like The Dukes of Hazard, you are the vilest wannabe slave owner there ever was! Things have gotten so ridiculous.
    From what I've observed about liberals, it would be more accurate to call them militant in-your-face trouble-makers. They simply aren't happy to live and let live, but seem to have a need intrude and force others to bend to their will. They create "causes" where none should exist, always need a pot to stir. Frankly, I see blatant racism coming from liberals more than from conservatives. Conservatives seem to be more interested in fairness, liberals want the opposite of fair and to cram it down everyone's throat.
    I don't hold many of the values of conservatives, but have grown to respect them for their values. Liberals, despite many of my views being similar, their behavior has never earned my respect.

  • Black and white should be together.

    We have a black president. Some people make jokes about races but so what? We have public schools. I am 11and I have not seen a "race restriction ". The color of skin does not have to matter on who can do what.
    I am very sorry that this is every where but I had to get this all in.😕

  • Liberals Attack Conservatives for Screwing Americans

    Liberals don't attack conservatives for being racist. They attack conservatives for trying to screw over the poorest Americans by passing laws that only benefit the richest of the rich. If that means Democrats are racist, so be it. Conservatives have their hands in the pockets of wealthy donors and only care about the bottom line as opposed to trying to better the lives of ordinary Americans.

  • Racism is a two way street, but the traffic is heavier on the conservative side.

    I believe that due to geographical and political reasons conservatives tend to be more racially insensitive than liberals. Because of being older southern folks, who have family lineage owning slaves, that that racial institution has carried on throughout the years. I believe that liberals simply call many of these racists out for it.

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