• How could it not ?

    Life happens everywhere . It adapts to different situations. How arrogant is that of people to think that we're alone in the universe ? The most extreme places on earth have life . Whether its hot or cold . I bet there's more life than we know about in the ocean . We having even searched the whole ocean .

  • Life always finds a way

    We see it on Earth that most places on this planet have life, in the deep dark oxygen-deprived ocean trenches to hot acidic springs in the Yellowstone Park to the driest desert. There could be life on Mars that either originated there or here by hitchhiking on space rocks. We might even be Martians ourselves. And Jupiter's moon Europa could have life that originated independently underneath the ice shell where there is strong evidence of a liquid water ocean. And lastly we are beginning to find planets around other stars that have similarities to Earth and they could have oceans atmospheres and probably life.

  • I agree there is life outside of the Earth, because the universe is far too vast.

    The universe is far too vast for there not to be other instances of life, outside of Earth. We may never know, but there are universes upon universes, and we are just a little speck in our universe. There is just no way that we could be the only carbon-based accident in the universe.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • I believe some kind of life exists outside of the Earth because of the sheer size of the Universe.

    Conditions for some kind of life are most likely to exist somewhere in the Universe. We may never meet it or we may never be able to recognize it, but the likelihood of us being the only ones is both arrogant and unscientific.

    Posted by: NWinters
  • Yes, I feel that life outside earth exists. The volume of planets mean that the chances of life being elsewhere are very high.

    The number of new "planets" being discovered every day means that the chances of the conditions for life being duplicated are very very high.

    Posted by: baldninja
  • If there is life here, then there is life on other planets

    It only makes sense that there is some other planet or galaxy that has life on it. I mean, think about it, if earth is the only planet in the whole universe that has life, then most of the universe would practically be dead, not living, inanimate, whatever you might say. God may have created earth, but to keep the universe alive, he must have created other planets and galaxies with life, too.

  • There are already species that has been discovered living outside earth.

    Some bacterias and virus came from space. Like the ebola virus and other viruses. Life doesn't pertain to human-like beings alone. But it also pertains to every other species living outside out planet. I also support that there are extraterrestrials living in other galaxies, perhaps not in our solar system but there's millions of galaxies beside ours. So there's a large possibility of life existing in other planets.

  • I support this on the sheer vastness of the universe.

    Life as we know it survives heavily on water and oxygen, and the search for life outside of earth has primarily been focused on finding these substances. However, our understanding of life is based on one example, earth. Therefore I think that life outside earth may well not need water or oxygen. They may have alternative substance for survival. Given the huge amount of chemicals that may be formed from the elements, it could well be the life outside earth survives on these other chemicals as opposed to the chemicals we see as vital to life, on earth.

  • There is life which exist outside of the earth because of the various evidence which have been found from the life outside the earth.

    Yes, I totally agree that the life do exists outside of the earth. The very fact that many developed nations are spending lots of money to find out whether the life exists outside the earth is the evidence of existence of life. Moreover, there were evidence found in the soil of planet Mars which was sustainable for the existence of human being, so I agree there exists a life outside of the earth.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • Yes, the universe is infinite. There must be other life forms of some kind out there.

    We are told that the universe is unending, infinite. It seems egotistical and irrational to imagine that earth is the only place, out of a space that goes on for eternity, where there is life. There has to be life of some kind besides just us earthlings out there. It might be something entirely different than we could ever imagine, but I believe there has to be some type of life form besides us.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • The Holy Bible says that God created the Heavens and the Earth.

    The Holy Bible is God breathed and not a personal interpretation of man. Now it doesn't say anything other than earth having the creatures created by God. Also the bible states that he created the Sun and the moon. He didn't say that it was a star. There is a clear distinction of god creating the sun and the passage stating that he created the stars also.

  • Most likely not, because there is no evidence for it.

    I'll probably get slated, insulted and called an idiot.

    The Universe is around 14 billion years old, plenty of time for life to develop and expand, evolve into all sorts of weird and exotic forms, gain intellect and use technology, even without developing faster-than-light travel. There has been plenty of time for us to be visited.

    There is no evidence of life outside this beautiful world, not even a microbe.

    If there is life out there, where is it? An intelligent race would have visited us by now, or we'd at least know of their existence. Never mind the huge, unimaginable distances. But billions of years is plenty of time... where are they?

    Simple, there aren't any. I really feel we are truly alone, as depressing as that sounds.

    Watch Melancholia, great depressing movie. I just feel we are alone.

    There's no reason for life to evolve. Planets, stars, galaxies are organisms of their own.

  • I have doubts

    If there were other advanced life forms out in the universe, I believe they would be here already visiting the earth. We would have trade systems in place, space ports and all sorts of technology and communications established. The distances in space to other worlds would require a very long time of travel to cross the void. Planets with people living on them would need a global cooperation and money to build an enormous ship or "ark". That would require many generations of people being born and dying on the ship to ensure a population to cross the barrier of space. The people would have to remember their mission and keep the ship in operation for thousands of years until they reach their goal and arrive at a planet; say earth. Science fiction gave us romantic notions there are ways to cross the barriers of space which are fanciful delusions. We are grounded by physics and reality.

  • Complex life exists only on earth and not for long.

    When one truly understands that complex life requires not just the synchronization of events but entire systems. And this stability must maintain for hundreds of millions of years. The equation illustrating requirements for life is very complex - high degree of chance at each point along the path and any part that = zero renders the whole equation void. More planets does not mean greater chance of life, In the cosmos it just means more chaos, and less chance.

  • No Life in our universe

    I've always seen our species , Our planet to be unique, Im strongly convienced that we're the only life in our universe, That being said, do i think theres Life somewhere else? Yes but not in our universe,
    I am talking ofcourse about other universe, perhaps -besides us- tehres no-one else out there in our universe if so!That would suggest that in a parallel-universe Earth is lifeless, Yet the universe is timing with life.

  • The vastness of space is no assurance of life beyond Earth.

    Most people seem to think that there MUST be life beyond Earth. Given the great enormity of our rapidly expanding universe it does seem probable that there could be extra-terrestrial life somewhere in the depths of space. However probability is not certainty, it merely gives favourable odds. It is quite possible that we are in fact alone. Stars explode throughout the universe all the time (Supernovas) and some create a solar system with orbiting planets, not unlike ours. However, to create life on a planet it takes far more than just the explosion of a Supernova. If we consider that Earth was placed to an exact distance of the sun so not to burn or keep it frozen, but just enough so its ice could melt, inducing its environment (carbon, water, oxygen) to harness the sun’s rays to create and sustain, we start to realise that this was quite an astonishing achievement. In addition, the Moon is also perfectly position so that tides and weather on Earth can be controlled. In fact there are many symbiotic elements that have help form life on Earth. So whether you believe it was God or just a freakish cosmic event that created our Earth, one thing’s certain, it definitely wasn’t easy or a common occurrence. Otherwise by now we would have found newer and older life forms out there. Yet, even with Hubble looking 10 billion years into space, we are still struggling to find even the most basic of hint of life out there. So Earth may well be the only ‘living’ planet……it is possible.

  • Life elsewhere in the universe.

    If life existed elsewhere, there would be some kind of remote sign. There has been absolutely no sign of any kind whatsoever. Some people may argue that we haven't been far enough in the Universe to say for sure, but it just would be some kind of remote sign, something.

  • There is no evidence YET, so I am going to say NO at the moment.

    Since it is all about science, while science means logic and logic comes with at least an evidence, therefore no life exist outside the earth. Do not expect me to believe it just the way it is because science is not a religion, it is not something illogical where you don't even need any proof to believe it. Believing that there is life outside the Earth without any evidence is just the same thing as believing in God which is called hope.

  • Life is unique.

    The statistical variables involved which account for the life we have on earth, is beyond the available number of planets in the universe that are likely to have similar characteristics as earth's. Furthermore, it is entirely unreasonable to assume that any other molecules, other proteins, can aggregate the kind of information systems that life on earth clearly represents. The bewildering stroke of chance that life here represents cannot have occurred anywhere else, unless what we have is an infinite universe.

  • Life is only on Earth because GOD created Earth for us

    God created a perfect planet for us such as: Right size, right distance fron de sun, water, oxygen, etc. If you analyze the Universe you can find out that the Universe helps the Earh to harbor life, that means that God created the Universe for us. No nore life outside Earth. My opinion is that we do not have to spend time and money trying to find life in other planets.

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Anonymous says2013-02-17T09:13:14.943
there is no life outside
Anonymous says2013-02-28T00:40:32.377
As much as I want to think there is life other than on earth unfortunately I can't but am willing to wait and see