• Of course it should.

    Wait, you mean it doesn't? That's insane. How are you going to live longer if you're not eating right? That seems pretty elementary to me. Yes, I think that life extension science should include nutrition in addition to drugs. A balance of medication and nutrition would seem to be the best.

  • Yes, life extension science should include nutrition.

    Nutrition is an important part of being a healthy person, and living a long life. Nutrition in addition to drugs would be able to create the most potent combination of a long lasting life, and life extension science should be just as focused on it as they are on drugs.

  • Nutrition Is Important

    I believe life extension science should include nutrition in addition to drugs. I believe studies have shown that nutrition is very important to health and it can mean the difference between a person living longer. Therefore, it should be assumed that nutrition, as well as general health, should be part of life extension science, not just drugs.

  • Nutrition and Exercise extend lives

    Yes, the extension of your life is highly dependent on the nutrition and exercise that you actively keep in check. A good diet can greatly reduce your risks of serious health issues such as diabetes and heart disease. A good exercise regiment also increases your life, by reducing these diseases also.

  • Nutrition is life sustaining.

    Yes, life-extension science should include nutrition in addition to drugs, because when a person gives up on living, nutrition is one of the things that is cut off. Life is not sustainable without nutrition. A proper diet can go a long ways to sustaining life. It should be included in any life plan.

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