• If He Can

    I believe it would be appropriate for Lil B to do more college lectures. I believe doing this allows more people to interact with these people and it opens up the door for understanding. Lil B could benefit a lot of students in college depending on what career path they have chosen to follow.

  • He is a great influence.

    Yes, I think that Lil B should do more college lectures, because he is well respected by young people, but he also has a great message. Lil B is great for society and he is great for hip hop, because he acknowledges that there are party of the hip hop cultures that are ridiculous.

  • Lil B no more

    Lil B should not do anymore college lectures because that is not the appropriate venue for the person. The students usually like the lectures but the faculty and staff of the colleges usually do not like this. The parents of the students would not be in favor of the lectures either.

  • No, not at all.

    I do not think that Lil B should do any college lectures at all. The so called based movement is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. The rhetoric spewed is often racially charged, false, and completely bias. And I see this all as nothing but divisive.

  • The death knell of education

    Lil B is not an academic, but a performer and entertainer. There is no excuse that so-called prestigious universities and colleges should be entertaining the idea of him performing rambling, nonsense lectures that practically come off as comedy routines. He is not an academic in the slightest and has nothing of value to say in this environment.

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