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  • No, I do not

    I have no idea why he published a record labeling himself as gay. If he supports the gay community just say so, not rap about it. I think with ideas like that he's going to cost himself any serious backing in that community,but rap is only as good as your last record.

  • Lil B is no gangsta

    Lil B is a young and talented rapper. But one thing he needs to recogonize what he is not, and that is gangsta. I believe that he can rap like a gangsta rapper but don't pretend to be one, when everybody else can clearly tell your not. He has talent, and can rap about it, just don't let it spill over into the real world and do something you are going to regret.

  • if he is not geting any respect

    For being a gangsta rapper, he probably never will. Some people try to be something they are not, and it shows right through. The guy should probably just give up on the gangster part, and just be a good quality rapper. Besides, some people are getting tired of the whole gangster thing anyways. All the lyrics sound the same.

  • Lil B will never be taken seriously by gangsta rappers

    It is my opinion that Lil B will never be taken seriously by gangster rappers because his first few songs created a comedic image of himself that most people cannot disassociate from any song that he produces, whether the content of the song is serious or playful in nature. Rappers that don't have comedic songs won't take him seriously because of this.

  • No, Lil B will never be a serious gangsta rapper.

    I do not believe that Lil B will ever be a serious gangster rapper in the eyes of the rap world. I think that in this day and age, there is just no way for a rapper to fake being a gangster. There is just way too many ways to find out if they're legit.

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