Do you think local (yes) or federal (no) governments should subsidize prenatal care?

  • Local governments should be the only ones to provide prenatal care.

    There are two good reasons that the federal government should not be involved in providing medical care. First, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. If we do not wish 'big brother' to become a reality, we must resist all attempts to concentrate power in one organization. Big Brother does not happen instantly, it grows like mold on rotten fruit. Secondly, experience has shown that the person on the spot usually has a much better idea of what actually needs done than a director in a large organization miles away.

  • Local is better

    Local governments will do a better job at subsidizing prenatal care for several reasons. It will save tax payers money because there will be less red tape involved. The local governments also will know better than the feds of what the local doctors and hospitals need to take care of their patients.

  • Local Organizations Should Cover Costs

    Local organizations, not governments, should subsidized prenatal care. If anything, health care should be privatized as much as possible with safeguards in place to prevent calamities. The federal government should stay out of the everyday lives of Americans and only intervene in emergency situations. Local organizations should give funding for prenatal care as opposed to the federal government.

  • Federal Government Should

    I believe federal government in the United States should subsidize prenatal care in the United States because they already are. The WIC program, in my opinion, does a good job of subsidizing prenatal care outside of the doctor's office. The program supplements a small amount of specific foods that are beneficial to prenatal care and they also offer classes for parenthood. This is funded through the federal government and I believe it should remain in place.

  • I think that federal governments should subsidize prenatal care.

    I think that federal governments should subsidize prenatal care. The local governments do not have the funding or resources that are needed to be able to provide the care that is needed in every community. The federal government should allow extra resources to be used to provide the funding for care.

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