• She's In Peru

    You can't send someone to a place they are already at. Lori Berenson is supposedly in Peru where she is required to stay until her parole is up. If she isn't there now she should absolutely go back. According to the Peruvian government she is guilty and needs to complete her sentence, she did after all receive a second trial and one that resulted in a justifiable sentence given her actions.

  • Yes, It improve relations with Peru.

    Lori Berenson should be sent back to Peru. Lori Berenson is somebody who
    collaborated with the revolutionary movement to overthrow the government
    of Peru. If the government of Peru thinks she should be sent back then
    she should be sent back. I also think the country who has her should
    follow proper etiquette.

  • She needs to answer.

    Yes, I think that Lori Berenson should be sent back to Peru, because she needs to answer for the crimes that she committed there. Lori Berenson was part of a plot to overthrow the Peruvian government. It would be a sign of goodwill with the Peruvian people to send her back and make her answer.

  • Lori Berenson was a terrorist.

    Lori Berenson was a willing participant. She knew who her 'photographer' was married to and his significance. She smuggled this person in, at minimum sat by as her 'photographer' sketched a map of where the delegates were seated, and intended to deliver that to a force that wanted to do those people harm. If the same thing were to happen in the U.S., that person would be in Guantanamo.

  • She is an American

    Honestly, did not know much about the issue. According to what I have read, she is still in Peru. She is on parole and not allowed to leave the country until sometime in 2015. She was allowed to visit her family one time for a 3 week period, but had to return to Peru.

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