Do you think love and empathy will be extinct less than a generation from now

Asked by: psychohare360
  • Unfortunately love doesn't conquer anything really

    Unfortunately I see no hope for those that are empathetic or "kind hearted". Someone with a psychopathic brain is more like to not only succeed in the business world but is also able to pass on their genes easier due to their charming nature. It makes me think that the humans that are moral and good will be outbreed and thus empathy goes extinct. It makes me curious on what a society of 100% psychopaths would look like, would they still have funerals or would they just recycle their bodies to be used as fuel. I would like your input on such a curious scenario

  • No, that's stupid

    Everyone wont just turn into psychopaths (psychopaths can't feel love or empathy) within less than a generation from now...Or ever. Currently only about 1 in 20 people are psychopaths so, psychopaths stand absolutely no chance of taking over the world any time soon, especially not within a generation from now.

  • There is too much of it today!!!

    There is too much love and empathy in the world today. Both of these are irrational things. People do not think in aggregates. They instead think by feeling and listening to crappy anecdotal evidence. The world, particularly the economy, will not get better until people start thinking more rationally and less emotionally.

  • Love will never fade

    'The sages only apprehended before me that of which my mind approves along with other men. Therefore the principles of our nature and the determinations of righteousness are agreeable to my mind, just as the flesh of grass and grain-fed animals is agreeable to my mouth.' (Mencius 11.7) It is human nature to love morality. Just because some people have ignored their good natures now does not mean they will 'pass down bad genes' - there are a plenty of children who disapproved of their parents' evil ways. There was this guy who escaped from Westboro Baptist Church, for example.

  • The world is getting better.

    If it were true that empathy and love were really becoming less common, than we would see more violence and cruelty, yet these things seem to be decreasing. Based on statistics the world is becoming more peaceful, not less: (http://www.Slate.Com/articles/news_and_politics/foreigners/2014/12/the_world_is_not_falling_apart_the_trend_lines_reveal_an_increasingly_peaceful.Html)
    Instead I think the reason that it looks as if the world is falling apart is a lack of interest in history and social media. Because of social media, people are far more connected to world events. Just because not many people knew that much about the brutality of the past doesnt mean that those brutalities didnt happen.

  • It would be good for us but no it probably won't

    An idea being will not not feel emotions as it will choose the most ideal route possible. Humans are not ideal being we are extremely faulty organism (don't believe me look at your wisdom teeth or 5th toe). Emotions can be a vital part for modern society but some people (liberals and NDPs) suffer too much from it, they are too empathetic and one event can change their lives for the worse. An extreme example of emotions getting a hand on us would be in animal sympathy, we can not relate to animals and we should not care about them, yet we do this is a fault in our society.

    It might seem that there are more violent criminals now because of the internet, but it is just that the world is more connected. Society really isn't loosing vital emotions like empathy. There will always be 'love' too no matter how useless it might seem. Love serves very little purpose in society and I can not say I honestly would keep it if I had a choice but hey it's still going to be there in the next generation.

  • "...A generation from now"? No. Longer? Perhaps but doubtful.

    It will take far longer than one generation for the empathy that we've evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to be "bred out" of us. In the long run, without other animals preying on us or more mundane environmental risks killing us, the more psychopathic members of our species may pass on their genes more frequently but even this seems like a stretch since emotion driven people breed like rabbits and "more successful people" tend to breed less.

    Statistically more intelligent people have fewer kids so a 'dumbing down' may happen but I've seen no evidence to suggest an increase in the passing on of the psychopathic gene set.

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difference says2015-05-24T00:31:48.013
It's fine. When it becomes endangered, make laws to protect it.