• I love Tonya

    My love is learned from respect. So is the student or the teacher more important? They are both equal. Yin and Yang. To be in love with someone as deeply as I am you must first respect that person for who they are. Love and Respect are both great characteristics and they are two of the main reasons the human race is still alive today.

  • Yes, love is more important than respect.

    I definitely think that love is more important than respect. Love is something that can make the whole world go round. While respect is important, I do not think it trumps love. A person can have all the respect from others, but without love, it might seem all meaningless to that person.

  • You have to have respect first

    In this debate I would have to pick respect over love simply because there is no way to love someone truly if you do not respect them for who they are. Respect has to come first before you can truly allow yourself to love anyone else. Respect is more important.

  • Respect Is Important

    I believe respect is an important part of love, so I think it is really difficult to compare these two. It's definitely different than comparing love to a material object, which is much more common. With that said, I think respect is intertwined with love and you can't really have one without the other.

  • Love is a verb.

    No, I do not think that love is more important than respect, because a lot of men who hit their women claim that they love them. That is not love. A person who shows the rest of the world that they truly love someone does that by showing that person respect.

  • Respect is just as important as love.

    Respect is something that should be valued just as highly as love, if only because we touch many more people in our lives with our respect than our love, which is a much more rare emotion for human beings. Respecting people and being respectful is one of the highest common actions we can perform.

  • To Have Love, You Need Respect.

    Love is not more important than respect. Without respect of any kind then we wouldn't have love. To love someone is to respect who they are and the type of person they may or may not become. You must respect the choices they make and support them throughout it all. You can't love someone without giving them some type of respect.

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