Do you think Luke Hemmings' apology for objectifying women was sincere?

  • If He apologized Let it Go.

    Seriously, I am about to start singing that Elsa song from Frozen to people. When someone comes forward to admit they were wrong and they are sorry for something they said that should be the end of it. For us to stand around debating whether they were sincere or not makes us no better in the situation. To me that is like sinning in pride because when it comes to God all he as is that we come to him asking forgiveness and that is enough. If that is enough for God why isn't it enough for the rest of us.

  • No, his apology was insincere because it lacked any sign of remorse.

    His comments consisted of degrading women as sexual toys for pleasure. Not only did his apology lack any sign of remorse whatsoever, it was a continuation of his crude display of his boastful outlook on his own sexual prowess. Rather than a sincere apology, his apology was a result of fans and public pressure. His apology was solely for his self-interest and done to protect his social reputation.

  • Hemmings' apology was not sincere

    When someone makes a comment about women like the one Hemmings' did, it stems from a deep belief that what they are saying is true. I think that his apology was entirely insincere and forced by the desire to not have the public turn against him because the music industry relies on fans and without fans he will not be successful.

  • No, he only regretted stating that publicly.

    No, Luke Hemmings apology for objectifying women was not sincere. He only apologized because of the reaction of their fans. Also, it is very possible that the whole issue was pre-planned by the band's management as a marketing trick with the purpose of increasing their popularity. If Luke respected women sincerely, he would not have that opinion at all and especially not have it stated in public.

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