• Madonna is more risque

    Risque means sexually suggestive, or liable to shock. Madonna has made a career of that, but it seems that she owns it. Madonna deliberately tries to shock people with sex. Miley Cyrus is outright and more blatantly sexual and almost vulgar and also tries to shock people with sex. Obviously I am not a Miley Cyrys fan.

  • Miley Cyrus is more risqué.

    I believe Miley Cyrus is more risqué. Madonna may have been risqué in her early career but has settled down through the years. Miley Cyrus is sexually suggestive and not afraid to show it. She makes news headlines with her shocking behavior. I believe Miley's head turning sexual behavior is what truly made her famous. From her MTV Music Awards performance to her naked Wrecking Ball music video, these are perfect examples of what makes Miley risqué.

  • Miley Cyrus Wins

    Many people may have thought Madonna was risqué in her time, but Miley Cyrus has become right down raunchy in marketing herself. If it was a battle I believe Miley Cyrus has won this, but I don't really think that's a good thing. I don't think near as many people are interested in her music as they are her bad behavior.

  • No, Miley Cyrus but that's because of modern times.

    For her time Madonna was certainly a very racey and risque performer, wearing very little and being outrageous with her actions on stage and off. But Miley Cyrus being naked and gyrating as she does is more risque, although that's probably because in this day and age standards have changed.

  • Cyrus is out of control.

    I think that Miley Cyrus is more risque than Madonna, because Madonna's behavior looked tame compared to what Miley is up to. Compared side by side, Miley is much more risque than Madonna. Madonna was only shocking because she was cutting edge during her time. Miley is a shock entertainer who only takes her clothes off so people will talk about her.

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