• Mad Tv is a survivor of organic comedy writing (nothing but comedy unbound).

    Saturday Night Live has been great and is legend before mid 90's. Then Saturday Night Live became lazy writing similar to Jimmy Fellon and now 2016 onward late night shows (based on 'I hate that political figure'. Mad Tv to me as a comedic reviewer doesn't fall on 'let's make fun of Trump' or 'let's promote Hillary' or whoever after election (thoughtless comedy. Comedic skit invention of Mad Tv is a pro 5/5 cause it's unbound, SNL are sensitive with there material and now at least 90% political satire.
    I admit SNL will hire any one for comedic taste if Asian/Mexican/Black/Denies White/Votes Hillary/Only Political Creativity is to Smile.

    Yes in short Mad Tv isn't a broadway (this is comedy not Chicago the musical), isn't a laugh about politics (three year old's good write political satire), isn't reliant on one show pony guests. I'm a fan of greats like Roger Dangerfield, Chris Rock, Chris Farley. Mad Tv for sure. Mad Tv I loved the skitz Ms Swan, Tank, In The Cupboard (yes a musical but funnier than modern SNL musicals), John Cena fan segment.

  • MADtv More Consistent

    I believe during its run on television MADtv was far more consistent than SNL. I believe SNL has had excellent seasons I don't think their line up is always as powerful as it could be. I believe MADtv was strong with each of its seasons and I believe it was the better show.

  • Yes, MADtv is better than SNL

    Although MADtv enjoyed a shorter run, it spawned unforgettable skits and characters, such as the Vancome Lady, Stuart, and Mrs. Swan. SNL experienced painfully horrible seasons as the show struggled to redefine itself during cast changes.

    Overall, MADtv was more consistent and had a signature tone and style that remained similar from episode to episode.

  • No. . . SNL is better.

    Madtv had a lot of funny people. But that’s it. I have yet to see a Madtv skit that has made me laugh out loud or one I really remember. The bill Maher skits are probably my favorite out of all the ones I’ve seen. But SNL has remained endearing and relevant for 45 years. And even at its worst there’s still so much iconography behind it that keeps it the show it is today. I mean think of all their great skits. . . Blues Brothers, Weekend Update, More Cowbell. They’ve given us Bill Murray, Will Ferrell and Tina Fey and countless others who have shaped comedy for their generation. Madtv was a forgettable flash in a pan that gave us a couple funny actors who haven’t quite matched the success of half the SNL cast members. My point is SNL holds up over time that’s why it’s still on.

  • No, SNL is the epitome of entertainment.

    SNL is the epitome of good, funny entertainment on the weekend. There is nothing out there that is better and that can bring together a whole host of celebrities and talents like SNL does. The skits are original and the mainstream network makes it so that it can be seen everywhere.

  • No, I don't.

    MADtv was very funny and perhaps a little ahead of its time, but it really cannot hold a flame to SNL. SNL was always on the cutting edge of comedy, and just look how many famous comics had huge careers after they left SNL permanently. SNL are kings of comedy in every sense.

  • madtv is better than snl

    I personally agree,Definitely SNL because so many young actors started stardom with that show. Like Will Ferral and Chris Farley. Madtv is also funny but its not as well respected as SNL.SNL has hit a low spot recently. However over all, SNL is the best. If you think of all the people they have bought into the comedic world and all of the skits that are to die for....SNL wins hands down.

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