Do you think man should go to the moon again (yes) or try to go to Mars (no)?

  • Become an expert.

    Yes, I think that man should go to the moon again, rather than trying to go to Mars, because it is much easier to go to the moon than it is to mars. There is so much that we have not learned about the moon. We have not colonized it. We have not made it safe for space tourism.

  • Man should not go back to the moon

    It is my opinion that man should focus on going to Mars rather than spending millions of dollars to go back to the moon. I feel that a mission to Mars would be a wiser scientific undertaking and would lead to a new discovery. Going to the moon would not tell us much more than we already know about it.

  • Been there, done that

    Man should go to Mars. This is especially true if we are talking about America's space program. The Indians and Chinese are both interested in going to the moon for the first time of their own, so more advance nations should take the lead and finally make the interplanetary leap.

  • Go to mars

    Though it is unnecessary to send a man to Mars unless we are planning on colonizing the red planet, I do think we should send a person there. It's good for the world. It gives us something to celebrate, and it gets us wondering again just as the moon landing once did.

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