• Yes it will, we have a bright future ahead of us.

    The world is a very different place than it was two generations ago, After the second world war and the cold war, I think mankind has learned that we need to work together to survive, that despite our multitude of cultures we all deserve to live out our lives peacefully. Although many religious extremist Christian, Islamic or otherwise joyfully seek the end of the world in our lifetime I don't think that will be the case. As a believer in God I believe we are destined to become something great, after all we were made in his image. I believe currently we are going through a test of willpower. Are we going to let fear, hatred and distrust destroy our civilization or are we going to work together to seek a better tomorrow for all of our children, personally I believe the latter. I believe we need to cast off our selfish ambitions which separate us from one another and truly evolve our way of thinking. We need to think in the terms or we instead of I, the good of the many instead of the good of the few.

  • Yes, we will

    We probably will eventually be our own undoing, but I think it'll take longer than that. The amount of destruction it will take for mankind to wipe itself out calls for much more desperate settings than we're currently in or are going to be within the timeframe listed for this question, I doubt it'll happen by then.

  • Mankind Will Survive

    Mankind is smart enough to adapt to many problems that face us. There has been a lot of news about global warming and things like that, but worst case scenario, looking at the 22nd century, we are looking at massive migration, not massive extinction. Any challenges that we may have to face can be overcome, maybe not to maintain a population of an exponential 7 Billion, but to continue our species.

  • Yes it will

    Yes, I do think that we will make it to the 22nd century for sure. I am sure though that by then there will be a whole lot of different things that will be going on. Maybe if we are lucky we will go back to the way we were.

  • Humanity Will Survive

    Humanity will survive to see the 22nd Century. While the world is a violent place, the amount of destructive wars is actually on decline. The 20th Century saw the devastation of WW1 and WW2, and nothing as destructive as those two conflicts has ever happened again. The global world is to interconnected now, and such wars would be defused before blowing up.

  • Yes, It Will

    I believe mankind will survive to see the 22nd Century. In sense of real time, the difference between now and the 22nd Century is actually a short amount of time, given the total time humans have been on the planet. It is doubtful something will happen that's catastrophic enough to eliminate all humans in that amount of time.

  • Climate change and environmental disaster

    While Climate change is ravaging the planet, Humans simply aren't doing enough fast enough. We care only about money; it has corrupted our species. The balance of the planet's systems has been broken, And requires an altruistic approach to restore that balance. However, Humans aren't all that altruistic, And this will be our undoing. The Earth is warming so fast that more people are dying from drought and heat waves. Australia's on fire, For crying out loud! It is expected that by 2050 that such heat waves will happen every year, Claiming millions of lives across the globe.

  • We will survive, but not in the form of mankind.

    Due to an increase in the rate of innovation, and the likely nearing to a global catastrophe, such as an IL4 smallpox outbreak, a nuclear war, mass migration inland, or simply mass extinction, it makes sense that we engineer the next phase in our own evolution. 3D printing is almost feasible, so by 2050 the entire first world would likely be upgraded to include new glands, organs, or even senses. By 2100 any populations living on the mars colonies would have gone through into a second or third generation, which would increase their size and cause the colonists there to 3D-print new glands/organs as well. We are assuming that globalization continues and spreads this ability to most of the worlds population. Into the 22nd century incorporation of AIs into the human anatomy, producing essential cyborgs would become commonplace, and even the resisting minority groups would have some form of modification to compete with the superior abilities of their colleagues. One could argue that at least a few hundred people will remain 'normal', and that would destroy this argument if it were your belief that this would keep mankind alive. This argument would also be destroyed if you were to consider bodily modifications nothing but adaptions made by mankind. However, I think the phrase "mankind" is used simply to describe our species in its exact present state. I would not call a tribe of Homo Erectus members of mankind, because they are not "our" human. I would however not hesitate to call them members of humanity. I think humanity will survive long after the 22nd century, just not in the form of mankind.

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