• Marc Emery Finally Getting His Wish

    Marc Emery is serving a five-year federal sentence for selling cannabis seeds. Unfortunately for his jail time, over the past couple of years, American laws have become more lax in regards to marijuana consumption. Emery's vision is becoming a reality like so many of his supporters in a world where recreational marijuana use becomes the norm rather than the exception. In this case, Emery is a visionary rather than an extremist. His civil disobedience wasn't hurting anyone by selling cannabis seeds.

  • Yes, I think Marc Emery's vision will come to pass.

    Our country right now is edging closer to the future that Marc Emery envisions. Change is a struggle and usually happens in baby steps. As we moved away from prohibition, liquor moved out of basements and back rooms and became openly socially acceptable. Similarly, we have taken the first baby steps to move toward legalization of marijuana. The day will come when we offer our guests their choice of Scotch or weed.

  • He was just a man

    Emery is not really an important person to think about, and is not actually hyper radical in terms of how radical people on the left can be, but he should not be in jail. The US does not prosecute Marijuana crimes federally generally, and they are almost always victimless crimes.

  • Not Really Either

    I honestly do not believe Marc Emery is a visionary, but also do not believe he is a left-wing extremist. In fact the later kind of makes me laugh. He's currently in prison for selling cannabis seeds, which is truly unfortunate given that he's not a danger to society in any real way.

  • His positions are too extreme.

    No, I do not think that Marc Emery is a visionary, because his political plans are not workable. Emery used to sell marijuana seeds. Mass drug use pervasive throughout culture is simply not workable for a political visionary. Emery just wanted to smoke pot, and he paid for his activities with a federal prison sentence.

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