Do you think Marcus Mariotta will begin the season as a Tennessee Titan?

  • Yes, the Titans are serious about Mariota

    The Titans used their number 2 pick to draft Marcus Mariota, indicating a high interest in him. Immediately after the pick was announced, general manager Ruston Webster stated, "We're not trading him," per Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. Titan coach Ken Whisenhunt is aware that Mariota has a lot to learn, but he indicated that the team plans to start him Day One.

  • Yes, I think the Titans see Marcus Mariotta as a possible franchise quarterback

    All indications are that Tennessee was not sold on Mariotta until they spoke with him. Whatever transpired during those conversations changed their minds, because they did not lack offers for him from multiple teams on draft day. If the Titans were going to trade him, they would have done so by now so they could have picked the guys they wanted with the picks they would have received in return.

  • Teething problems seem to have been resolved.

    Despite previous doubts, the team and the coaching staff have spoken of how they have felt increasingly comfortable with Marcus Mariotta and they believe that his style will translate well to the style played by the Tennessee Titans. They have spoken of their enthusiasm and excitement about having him on board.

  • Yes or they would have traded

    I think the Titans were all about fielding trades for the number 2 pick and listened to what everyone was willing to give. They obviously didn't get what they were looking for so at this point I think they are ready to begin the Marcus Mariotta tenure in tennessee this fall and see if he can turn them around.

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