• I think it is fire

    I had some super gold haze and I woke up and I was in my dogs bed with his balls in my face then I went to the kitchen and saw my cousin having a scrap with a large monkey. I would recommend because it defo don't give you dry mouth.

  • I do it and there is nothing

    Its one of the safest drug on the market you can smoke countless amounts of it and not overdose and it saves lives like with cancer cases and calms people down with mental health issues and a type of autism and I've seen it happen my self this is why it should be legal everywhere

  • I think yes

    I think yes because there is literally nothing wrong with Marijuana. The only reason it is thought of as so bad is all the years of government and misinformed people being told it's a gateway drug, it ruins lives, etc. Truth of the matter is though Marijuana has many health benefits that could help, even save, countless lives. Not only for medicinal use, but also as recreational, as tobacco and alcohol are legal and take millions of lives each year, Marijuana on the other hand has never once been responsible for a death ever, and as stated above cand actually be used to saverify lives. I personally smoke and have a father who has smoked for 45 years and from that there is not a single marijuana caused problem with him, or anybody else I know who smokes. It should be legal because if a person wants to smoke, that's there choice and that choice is not hurting anyone.

  • Yes why not

    There is no reason why it shouldn't be legal. It helps with pain, fun to smoke and is a very profitable business so yea it should be legal. It's dumb that it was even made illegal in the first place. And you don't get lung cancer from it unlike tobacco.

  • Marijuana should be legal.

    Colorado prosecutors filed over 11,000 charges alleging a violation of marijuana laws. While most of these cases were only one marijuana-related charge, sometimes prosecutors would file multiple charges against one defendant. However, in 2014 the number of charges dropped to around 3,500 charges. Additionally, total burglaries in Denver went from 5,094 in 2013 to 4,594 in 2014, which is about a 10 percent drop.
    For patients who are on the road to chemo or aids, Marijuana is one of the best nausea treatments you can be prescribed. For patients with Epilepsy or Dravet syndrome, no other prescriptions help with seizures. In lab studies, THC and CBD have been shown to slow or halt the growth of tumor cells, according to the American Cancer Society. Helps slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s, or prevent it entirely, last year researchers from the University of South Florida found that THC may slow or halt the progression of the condition.
    Opponents have often claimed that marijuana legalization would lead to more kids smoking pot, with all the negative health consequences that would entail. But the data gathered disagrees. The kids who want to smoke weed are probably already doing so, and legalization won’t do little to change that. In 2009 Colorado teens were asked if they had smoked weed in the past year, and since the legalization, the number of them who had smoked went down has gone down 10%.
    People may adjust the amount they smoke and how much they inhale based on the believed strength of the marijuana they are using. Marijuana use can lead to the development of problem use, known as marijuana use disorder. It takes the form of an addiction in very severe cases. Research shows that 13% of people who smoke marijuana may have some degree of marijuana use disorder. Marijuana use disorders often associated with dependence, in which the person feels withdrawal symptoms, when not taking the drugs.
    More than half of the states in the U.S. have legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use. The federal government is also massively cutting down on the amount of funds used to prosecute marijuana users. Over 480,000 people die to lung cancer from smoking cigarettes every year, 88,000 people die annually from drinking alcohol, but both of these are legal. No one has ever died from smoking marijuana.

  • Marijuana should most definitely be legalized

    Marijuana should most definitely be legalized. Why? If you have never actually tried it you may ask this question. If you have not, then you don't know why. If you dont want to try it, then dont. It's very simple...It is for a fact, much safer than legalized alcohol, tobbacco, and prescription pills with 1000 side effects attached to them. You know what else? Not one person in history has overdosed on marijuana...Fact. This plant has been used since the beginning of time. Our own human bodies have built in receptors specifically for marijuana. And to close, the only thing we are doing by keeping this helpful plant illegal is keeping the black market for it running strong, and keeping the legal system tied up with innocent people. It's absurd. Bottom line is, if you don't like it, don't do it. Don't prohibit me from something because you do not like it, because, where does that kind of behaviour end......Legalize today for a better tomorrow.

  • They Should Legalize Marijuana

    I've seen documentaries That marijuana helps people. A story about a man who had cancer. He had to have chemotherapy. The side effects on him were bad and someone suggested to take Marijuana and he did. The side effects went away and he could eat normally. Knowing that his mother and dad have to supply it and there father is a cop its bad right but legalize Marijuana will fix problems they should only go to Jail if it is for recreational use.

  • It ahould be legalized definately.

    Where I come from. A lot of people say that weed is the problem that makes all "gangsters". I personally think that your personality is what you make it to be, and adding to that, another reason why gang members act like so is because #1 they had a messed up childhood and theyre on drugs such cocaine, meth LSD and all those bad drugs. Its not marijuana's fault. Marijuana does not make you like that it is those bad for your health and mind drugs that mess you up. Use what God has planted upon this earth. It says every thing that is put on the planet is for the benifit of mankind. A lot of people get confused by that, dont. God didnt put cocaine or meth on this earth, man did. Is it for the benifit of mankind no it is not. Marijauna has many benifits both medicinal and recreational. I believe its a social drugs. I have freinds that smoke pot along with their family. And do you know what it brings them together. Do they act like they wanna kill you, of course not. They are nice normal people who do their job as a human on this planet. Im 14 years old and i live in Texas. And this my perception on this matter and I hope whoever reads my opinion agrees and shares the same feeling towards this. Peace

  • Definitely for medical reasons

    I think it should be legalized but only for physical and mental health reasons. Yes, I have tried it before but only because I wanted the experience. I have depression and once I have tried it all of the sadness went away. I wasn't happy, nor sad I just felt normal and relaxed forgetting all of the stress I've gone through. Before this experience I believed marijuana should be legalized. I read a article about a girl that had seizures and the seizures lower down amazingly.
    In my opinion marijuana is a medicine that is just abused and that should be used respectfully for health. Its like someone buying headache pills and using it when they feel perfectly fine.

  • Of course, it was made illegal on completely false pretenses.

    Think of it like this; if the federal government had made kept alcohol illegal and marijuana had remained legal this entire time... Would you support the legalization of alcohol? Over consumption leads to death. It alters your behavior. When people drink, they become a completely different person in some cases. It is associated with many rape convictions. If anything is a gateway drug, I would say alcohol is over marijuana. You can't overdose on marijuana. Anyone who thinks that it is a gateway drug obviously doesn't know the numerous people around them who do smoke. Trust me, when it IS made legal.... You'll probably find out your parents used to or still do.

  • Gateway drug legal? What a joke

    Everyone starts with weed or cigarettes then they need a new high. Notice the only people that disagree with the statement my weed is a gateway drug to much worse things are stoners. Of course they don't believe in addiction from weed or the slow plummet into the harder drugs. It's medically and scientifically proven also to impair driving skills. Legal? Hell no.

  • No they should not.

    Marijuana should not be made legal, it will cause way more problems then it will good. People who smoke it subject themselves to acting like idiots and often make bad decisions when under the influence. I do not think cigarettes and alcohol should be legal either, but it is a little too late for that.

  • Do as you will, it's your Life.

    They should just let people do what they want as long as its not addictive and I don't believe marijuana is. If they are stupid enough to let this drug ruin their life why not let them, we are over populated anyway and wouldn't it be good to let dumb people die? I'm not saying all are, but just if they over do it. Ultimately it's their life !!!

  • No, I don't

    I blaze, but if it was made legal, they would go harsher on the dealers. Which sucks, because the GOV would probably supply sh*t weed, and they will be cracking down on people who sell the good stuff. So, they end wouldn't be worth the means in this case at all.

  • Um... Un safe!!!

    If marihuana is legal than why isn't every drug? When I get older I don't want to have to worry about my kids wanting to do these drugs... Or for them to be legal, age limit or not. We don't need people running around offering them to kids. And we certainly don't need anymore legal drugs. People will still will do these drugs, but the fact that they would be legal isn't right.

  • No because nobody knows.

    Nobody knows the long term effect of marijuana on anxiety and brain development. It helps some to expand their perceptions of the world, and gives others crippling anxiety. Yes, it could be beneficial for the economy, yes it could be bad and cause people to be lazy, yes it can be fun, yes it can be a gateway drug (keyword: can, not saying it is), yes it can cause drug dependence, yes it can be helpful to cope with trauma, yes legalizing it would help it to be monitored and distributed properly, but no legalizing pot will not stop children from accessing it. I believe medically, marijuana can be life changing and give power to people who have no control over their health, but other than that I think that marijuana complicates life and I'd hope it isn't used to cope with reality- because that is dependence.

  • Yeah, probably Not

    I mean I think the world would be a better place without cigarettes of any kind, But that's just me.

    And now I need thirty more words for an official vote. Hi, how has your day been? Hope it's been good. I'm doing pretty good myself. Have a nice day!

  • Both sides are wrong

    Lawful vs Legal
    Lawful: That which is created by the People under Common Law, to uphold “right and wrong” and “justice”, and containing the precepts of Common Law: To live honourably, to hurt nobody, to render to everyone his/her due. Case Law. Trial by Jury. De jure. The Law of the Land.
    Legal: That which is created by government Legislation for the purpose of governing Legal Persons of every artificial kind. The rules and regulations of Statutory Acts, forming contracts by consent. Having the “colour of law”. Commercial. De facto. The Law of the Sea.

    Ignorance of such matters as above lead to poor decisions

    I demand lawful over legal in ALL instances

  • Both sides of the arguement fail

    Lawful vs Legal
    Lawful: That which is created by the People under Common Law, to uphold “right and wrong” and “justice”, and containing the precepts of Common Law: To live honourably, to hurt nobody, to render to everyone his/her due. Case Law. Trial by Jury. De jure. The Law of the Land.
    Legal: That which is created by government Legislation for the purpose of governing Legal Persons of every artificial kind. The rules and regulations of Statutory Acts, forming contracts by consent. Having the “colour of law”. Commercial. De facto. The Law of the Sea.

    In order to have an intelligent debate the first requirement is knowledge of the topic, that seems not to be the case here. I make my claim based on reading what both sides present.

  • Do not legalize marijuana!

    By legalizing marijuana you are not considering what the impact of the regular use of marijuana is going to have on people’s personal lives and on the ability of the country to function effectively.

    If the legislation passes, our country will soon be run by a bunch of potheads. MPs, under the influence of the recreational marijuana they participated in on the weekend, will be arriving at work trying to make decisions for the lives of 35 million people .

    Don’t tell me that their minds will be clear and sharp and that their bodies will be in top physical condition to take on the arduous work of an MP.

    There is something very wrong within the psyche of people who thinks they require a drug to alter their mind so that they can feel detached from reality, happy, and relaxed.

    If reality is so distressful, then find counseling because it’s not going away. Stimulants do not make life better, and we’ve already seen that laws regarding cigarettes and alcohol are not followed or enforced effectively, and they do not protect anybody.

    An MP's job is to protect Canadians’ lives, and introducing legal marijuana will only introduce more problems into their lives where thoughts and actions of forgetfulness, suicide, schizophrenia, depression, and psychosis become even greater problems.

    Legalize marijuana in this country and all citizens are going to be negatively impacted. There is no upside.

    Get ready for an even greater demand on Canada’s health care system.

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