Do you think Marine Le Pen will win the election based on the latest poll?

  • Yes, she probably will.

    Marine Le Pen will probably win the upcoming French general elections, since she is so far ahead in the latest polls. She is a conservative and holds some tough, uncompromising views, but she also exudes a measure of caring and compassion. She may not be the best candidate, but she's certainly not the worst, and the people seem to want her to lead them at this time.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Previous polls had predicted that Ms Le Pen would win the first round of voting but lose the second, however the latest polls put her in second place for both rounds. They said the same thing about Donald Trump and about Brexit. I bet she will win easily just like Trump won and Brexit won and this will be the third time their false media news will be exposed even more....

  • She is a populist.

    Marine Le Pen is running for office at a time when populists are not very popular. Today, people do not want collectivism. Britain voted against collectivism when they voted for Brexist. The United States voted against collectivism when they voted against Clinton. Le Pen is going to have to change her platform quickly if she wants to win.

  • I'm hopeful common sense will prevail.

    France has a wonderful tradition of secularism where all religions and people are treated equally. I think the French people will reject a far-right leader because they understand that ostracizing a single group won't benefit anyone. The Austrians proved that they want this and I think, despite the polls, the French will vote against Le Pen on election day.

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