Do you think Matt Kemp's trade to the Padres will hurt the Dodgers' chances next season?

  • Yes, Matt Kemp's trade to the Padres will hurt the Dodgers' next season.

    As anyone in sports can tell you, building a winning team is about more than putting together a collection of good players. To put it another way, a good team is often more than the sum of its parts. With this current Dodgers roster, or at least the one that existed before this trade, just beginning to develop good winning habits and getting used to playing well together, trading out a key piece of that team is definitely risky. We'll see what happens come next season, but I'm afraid the Dodgers' management may have royally screwed this one up.

  • Matt Kemp's home is in Los Angeles

    Los Angeles residents are seriously disappointed in the Matt Kemp trade to the Padres. The MLB player has been a member of the Dodgers for so long that he is connected heavily with the community. There will be a collective sigh of sadness when he leaves as the player is good on the field and off the field he is loved too.

  • Great clubs never run out of great players.

    A club of a standing such as the dodgers in the league calculate their each and every step with wit and creativity. The dodgers particularly cannot afford to have indispensable players or establish a culture of depency on individual players. Matt Kemp's trade will affect the line up and spirit of some players but not the fortune of the club or spirit of the fans.

  • No, Matt Kemp's trade to the Padres will not hurt the Dodgers' playoff chances.

    Matt Kemp was recently traded to the Padres from the Dodgers. The Dodgers certainly needed to unload some of their veteran player's salaries. The Dodgers have been attempting to buy their way to a World Series and it has not been productive. Unloading a veteran like Matt Kemp can help them out.

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