• It should at least give a discount on medication.

    Yes, Medicare should at least give a discount on medication. Prescription drugs are extremely expensive and most people on Medicare can't afford them without some type of help paying for them. People shouldn't have to choose between medication that they need and paying bills. People on Medicare have paid taxes for years and deserve some help.

  • Medicare should provide care for those struggling to care for themselves

    Medicare is supposed to provide resources and health insurance coverage to those individuals in our society that would otherwise find it impossible to pay for care on their own. The elderly and disable find it hard if not impossible to find employment due to their status, therefore Medicare should also cover prescription costs because these individuals are often unemployed.

  • Seniors should be covered.

    Medicare should cover prescription drugs. This is because when people are over 65 they are usually on a fixed income. They need to have the best covered health care that they can. It is important to take care of our nation's seniors since they also worked their entire lives and paid taxes.

  • No, if Medicare takes over we will be in trouble.

    No, I don't think Medicare should cover prescription drugs. Medicare currently has many services they refuse to cover and expect seniors to pay for entirely. Medicare also has decreased the number of days a patient may be treated in a hospital, and has changed the rules for what they consider medical necessities. I am afraid of what will happen if they cover prescription drugs.

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