Do you think Melissa Farley's feminist ideas have merit in contemporary society?

  • Some feminist ideas apply now.

    The weird thing about feminism is that it is now exploding all over the place, at a time where rights are becoming even more equal than they ever have before. With that said, some of Farley's ideas do have merit in today's world. There is still discrimination and double standards.

  • Melissa Farley Still Right

    Melissa Farley believes prostitution, sexual violence and sex trafficking are all patriarchal notions that subvert women. Such acts cause single motherhood, a welfare state and are demeaning to an entire population and generation of women. Her theories still carry relevance today as a huge prostitution ring was busted on the eve of the Super Bowl in New York City. We still have a long way to go before women's rights are equal in contemporary society.

  • Yes,I think Melissa Farley's feminist ideas do have merit in contemporary society.

    I think Melissa Farley's ideas have merits in contemporary society.Even though much has changed,even for prostitutes,there is still a certain amount of manipulation and exploitation in the sex trade.Not until the trade is banished overall will certain types of sexual manipulation will stop for certain women in poverty in 3rd world countries.

  • It's a complicated situation.

    It was hard for me to pick a concrete no or yes for this question. I am a feminist who does not believe in the abolition of prostitution or pornography. I do believe that both can be very bad and demeaning for the sex workers involved. Prostitution and pornography does exist where women aren't put in perilous or demeaning situations. Perhaps we should work towards creating situations where no parties are dehumanized or put in physical danger. She is from an older school of feminism that isn't followed as widely anymore, but I don't think that the ideas should be completely without merit.

  • Similar to abortion, making these things illegal causes more harm than good

    Quite simply, one of the major problems with the existing sex trade is that, due to the legal constraints, it is forced, like gangs and abortion, into places that are unsafe, and extremely difficult to get people out of.

    How do you stop the bad parts without infringing on people's individual freedom of choice, freedom to do what they want with their own bodies? I think regulation, and making things safe, is the key. This stuff is already illegal, and we have a horrible situation as a result.

  • Farley Promotes Intolerance and Hate

    In all the 25+ papers produced by Ms. Farley, she speaks only of her dislike of men, making gross generaluzations that group all men as oppressors and perpetrators of sexual exploitation. Not once does she address the drive to procreate is hard wired and that there is a natural instinct that makes sex a favorite subject for most men.

  • Melissa Farley's ideas are outdated.

    With the protection of the first amendment, Melissa Farley's protests against pornography are just too old fashioned to be accepted. This idea that making pornography illegal comes with the problem of identifying what pornography is. Beyond that, it would be like prohibition. Making it illegal would only increase profits and possibly even production.

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