• Great overall ideas

    Yes, I think that Mellissa's ideals should be adopted across the United States. She is a very smart woman and fights to stop women from being pressured into prostitution and jobs in the pornography field. She is wanting to help out women across the globe, and her ideas should be adopted.

  • Women Deserve Equal Rights

    Melissa Farley's research and ideals into sexual harassment and prostitution have validity in contemporary society. More men should be cognizant of the plight of women in the workplace and in the sex trade because young women are degraded and demeaned on a daily basis across the United States. There is no excuse for such behavior in a contemporary and supposedly civilized society.

  • She is absurd

    She's against pornography across the board calling it anti-feminist and degrading to women. This is absurd because not all pornography involves women. What about gay male pornography? What about a guy masturbating? To be coherent she'd have to make exceptions in her opposition to those things. She also calls BDSM practices antifeminist, again not saying "unless the participants are gay men." Simply something can not be degrading to women if women are not involved.

    Besides that there is nothing inherently degrading about sex or being seen having it. Many people would not want to be seen having sex so they don't get into the business. But some people have no problem with it or even enjoy it. Being "degraded" is a feeling not an objective fact. Hence these women are not being degraded.

  • Not Everyone Agrees

    I do not believe Melissa Farley's ideals should be adopted across the United States. It is irrelevant what she believes, the fact that someone should believe something someone else does is the problem. She could have strong moral values and great ethics, but that does not mean that everyone will agree with her or large parts of the population should take up her position.

  • No, I do not think Melissa Farley's ideas should be adopted across the United States.

    No, I do not think Melissa Farley's ideas should be adopted across the United States. Persoanlly, I do not believe any one persons ideas should be adopted by a whole country, no matter who the person is. I believe people should use their own minds to decide what is right for them.

  • Melissa Farley is not bulletproof.

    Melissa Farley believes that the sex trade would be a healthier work environment if legalized. This is based on her research. This research revealed that prostitution in countries where it is legalized, taxed, and regulated like Australia, the women were treated better. The women get checked regularly for STD's and drugs. This would alleviate the majority of the issues that American prostitutes suffer with today, if it were to work. The issue is that the government cannot effectively regulate sex trafficking while it is illegal. Making it legal would just open the flood gates for capitalist pimps. The same argument could be made for the legalization of drugs. Just because we cannot control it effectively now, does not mean we should ease the regulation. It means we need more enforcement.

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