Do you think men and women should be seen and treated as the same kind?

  • This is what makes relationships worth fighting for

    If an individual, Lets say a boy, Were to think of himself as more superior than the female, There would be contradiction in the relationship as it goes along. The female might prefer chicken, But when the boy voices out that he wants pork instead of chicken, The female is forced to follow his orders. This would of course be a thorn in the relationship. Lets take a step back and talk about this in a public situation, Just say that the boy and the girl were shouting over some complications that occurred, The boy might garner more support than the girl from the crowd as the boy is more "superior" than the girl. So I think it is kind of bias and that both men and women should be treated the same.

  • Women Equal Men

    Women and Men are in all ways equal. It has been a hard fought road and will only continue to get better. We are all equal and one day we will all be treated the same way, as one. I am hopeful my daughter will see true equalness when she is an adult.

  • Okay listen here I am to fix this.

    People you should know, its 2015 woman have equal rights. Yeah men open the door for woman, we do the same for men. Yeah they take our coats to BE POLITE.Woman do that too. You guys are just mad because woman can do everything you can! News flash people should and always will be treated equal! Woman are just as good as men!! No matter what you say woman have accomplished more than men have ever. So don't be sexiest...

  • We Aren't That Different

    All humans on this planet have 99.9% matching DNA. It's in that tiny .1% where we are different. Studies have also proven that men and women aren't that different mentally, and while it is true that men are naturally a little bigger than women, it's also a heavily exaggerated in our society. From an early age, women are not encouraged to lift weights, encouraged to strive for more "feminine" jobs, and given crappier gym classes since age 12 (in America). Also, gender roles could really be hurting people in today's society. Telling men to leave emotions behind and making them afraid to be feminine in anyway is actually really damaging. Your sex does not determine your interests or personality in any way, so why treat people like it does?

  • Yes, we are the same in the essential ways

    Men and women are the same kind, and it does not make sense to treat the
    two genders as if they were radically different. Male and female differences
    are unimportant in a modern work setting. Varying hormones, body size,
    outlook or strength should make no difference in up-to-date offices and
    factories. In social settings, men and women do often show radical differences
    in behavior. Yet perhaps as time goes on men and women will meet as equals
    in their private lives too, enjoying their God-given differences, but not making
    too much of them.

  • Men and women are equal.

    I think that men and women should be treated as equals because, at their very core, they are. I think that if men and women were treated in an equal capcity that the world would be a better place. We would be happier, healthier, and more in tune with each other.

  • Its our responsibility

    It is the responsibility of every person to treat every person equally, and is something that takes everyone's agreement in order to implement. People don't like other people, for so many reasons, but people should not implicitly like or dislike anyone because of their gender or race or appearance -its illogical.

  • Yes, gender is an arbitrary characteristic.

    Yes, men and women should be treated as the same kind, because a person cannot control what gender they are. Some men are rigid and controlling, but so are some women. Stereotypes might fit some people, even most people. But since they do not fit everyone, it is important that we judge each other on the merits.

  • Men and Women are equal

    The question is pretty straightforward. They are both equally powerful potentially. In society, men are given more power. It's definitely wrong.

    That being said, I've always been taught basic formality, the basic ways a man should treat a woman. These are meant as etiquette, not sexism. When I hold a door or grab a coat, I don't do it because I don't think they're able to do it. It's out of respect. I believe sexism is wrong. But I don't think it's sexist to treat women and men differently if it's justified. (def. Sexism is discrimination on sex-discrimination is defined as unjustified treatment.)

    Basically, treat women with the same level respect as you'd give a man. Respect everyone you can. Everyone is unique and must be dealt with in a specific way. Everyone should be treated for who they are, not what they are.

    I believe the question itself is too vague. It's totally open to argument without actually helping people find answers or have a specific debate. If I'm on the wrong side, I'll accept it and change. For now, it feels morally correct that I continue to respect people in different ways.

  • 100% no money

    No kids should not get money for doing chores because parents go to work to pay the bills and it is not hard to do something to help. Parents buy kids game consoles and nice shoes so they should not get money for helping once in a while.Bye for now
    Also I am only 12

  • What You Say...

    I was just talking to my friend about this the other day. Women say they want to be treated equal, they don't. If I treated women the same way I treated men I would be slapped several times per day. Women will never be treated as equal unless they let go of the things that they believe they are entitled to as women. Women need to learn to open their own doors, pull out their own chairs, ect. Which I am happy to do because they are women they have never been treated equal and of they don't let go of ideas from the 18th century they never will be treated equally. Call me sexist if you want but I speak the truth

  • No, I feel men and women are different.

    Even though this may sound sexist, I personally feel that women should be treated somewhat differently than men. For example, it is a kind thing when a man holds a door open for a woman, or takes her coat, or pulls a chair out for her. These are acts of chivalry, and not of being dominant over a woman. In the workplace and the like, however, I do believe male and female should be treated equally and the same, without bias. But in trying to be a more equal society, we have also lost some of the subtle niceties that used to be bestowed upon women.

  • Men women are not the same

    No, I do not believe that women and men should be treated the same. We learn as children that girls and boys are not physically the same and as we get older, we learn that they are also not mentally the same. Men and women are equal in some areas, but it would ignorant to believe that a woman should be treated the same as a men; there would be a large amount of hurt women.

  • No, men and women are different.

    Men and woman are largely the same kind in the sense that they vary by personality and interests, and those variances overlap between the two sexes. But they differ significantly in the experiences that are unique to their particular sex. The most obvious difference is the fact that women bear children and men do not. That fact alone requires that we treat women and men differently, because they do not share relevant likenesses across the board.

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