• Yes and no

    Yes feminists are getting more rights and stuff. That I agree. Is there a conspiracy to kill men? I don't think so. But our rights are being infringed on. There is an increasing shame on being manly in this day and age. I think that is BS. Real BS. But I think some feminists have naturally been full of it.

  • Yes, people try to bring men down for equality

    I believe that the approach to gender equality has been dealt with very poorly. I believe that it is okay to try and make women have the opportunities that men have. However, if the government tries to force this equality by trying to oppress men, then it is wrong. Affirmative action simply takes opportunities away from men in order to give them to other groups. So, you could argue men's rights are infringed upon.

  • With reverse discrimination.

    Yes, I think that men's rights are infringed upon in the modern day, especially in the arena of child custody. Men are never given the opportunity to prove that they can be both mother and father. But it is always presumed that a woman can be both father and mother. Men are also discriminated against in affirmative action programs that favor women.

  • Yes and no.

    I think that in some situations that men's rights are infringed upon however I do think that in general they are not normally. In some places in the US and other areas even men may not have the same rights because we are over correcting a bad situation from years ago.

  • All right's are infringed.

    People like to think that only certain genders or races have their rights infringed, but that is not the case. While women or minorities might find their rights infringed more so, men also have that issue. It is not an issue that exclusive to only a few group of people.

  • No, just as whites' rights aren't infringed upon by affirmative action.

    The minority population is the one that traditionally has not had much power or opportunity over the years. Any reparation that is made to that group is necessarily going to upset the majority group but that just does not mean that the rights of the majority group are infringed upon. Men have enough rights already.

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