Do you think meteorologists are important for safety and for our economy?

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  • They can help warn the public of danger and make wise decisions

    The National Weather Service is the biggest weather agency and very good at issuing warnings for destructive weather. I myself is a meteorology major, I have strong interest in weather forecasting and protecting the public from severe weather by giving warnings. We can warn coastal communities of a major hurricane and Government can prepare that area for impact and evacuate. However, I hear people say we are overpaid people who can keep a job when we wrong which I believe is not true. Most people get weather reports from their local news who likes to twist weather information and make the rest of the meteorologist look bad. Most of the people on TV are not meteorologist but just a weather reporter. Overall, prediction of storms ahead of time with advance warnings have help improve to save lives and money.

  • Meteorologists are important for our safety.

    Meteorologist can help us get ready for any storm or severe weather. They have many tools to check weather,like satellites,bermometor,weather radars,and many more. Their work is very hard,and they help us with many more things,and these things are very important for our enviroment and for our safety. Meteorologists are important

  • Yes. They are needed!

    For agricultural sectors, they help farmers to get to know when is the perfect weather to start planting. And the agricultural products is needed by human to eat and its influenced the economic sectors also. So, yes they are important no matter how the prediction can right or wrong, better be prepared.

  • Yes, They Are Important

    They help us a lot. They tell us what the weather is going to be like. What is there was a blizzard? They would help us know that ahead of time! Yea they may be wrong sometimes, I have to admit, but its better to be ready than not be ready at all

  • Yes, meteorologists are fun.

    Yes, meteorologists are important for our safety and our economy, because they help us plan for the right weather. Meteorologists save lives because they make sure that people know when to go to find shelter when there is a storm. The best weatherman in the world is Bill Steffen from Grand Rapids, because he has a nice mustache and he is good at forecasting the weather.

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  • Yes, meteorologists are important for our safety.

    They can help us get ready for any incoming weather or flying objects that may hit the earth( hence the name meteorologists ). They have satellites which mean they can check for anything unexpected or dangerous coming towards the earth. We will know that they are working simply by checking the weather forecast to see what is coming.

  • They suck and useless

    They suck because like any other weather predictors they can be wrong. They are only just a bunch of people that help but sometimes they do not so i do not see any reason why we use them if they are going to be wrong and endanger peoples lives. They can be useful too.

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