• Drug lord punishment necessary

    There are many reasons to charge someone with a crime. We all know that selling drugs and narcotics are illegal in the United States. So capturing a drug lord such as Joaquin Guzman is going to lead to big punishment in order for this nation to set an example of someone.

  • El Chapo will eventually be held accountable.

    The drug business is a dangerous one. El Chapo is aware of the risks he takes. These risks are more often attributed to competition rather than the governmental entities. He will never be held fully accountable for all the misery that he has inspired or directly inflicted. However, the pendulum eventually falls in the other direction fast and hard enough that he won't be able to dodge it.

  • Yes, but he will not do hard time

    Mexico will take good care to see that Mr. Guzman actually
    goes to trial. Assuming he is found guilty in Mexico, he will indeed go to jail.
    However, he will not suffer the indignities of an ordinary prisoner. His will
    be a gilded cage, with good food, clean bedding and quite possibly access
    to entertainment of all kinds. If he is extradited to the U.S. his fate might be
    slightly different, and allowing his extradition would take pressure off Mexican

  • Mexico will make an example of him.

    Yes, I really do think that Joaquin Guzman will receive some severe form of punishment. The United States had been pressuring Mexico to act on this criminal for quite some time. Mexico has an internal problem with drug lords taking over the country, it needs to do things like this to show they are tough on crime.

  • It's Very Likely

    My understanding is that the Mexican prison system is actually pretty bad, especially when compared to other countries. Given that the actual Mexican government seems poised to fight drugs and especially the cartels that have been created, I would have to assume that El Chapo will be punished and it will probably be done to the point that they will make an example out of him.

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